Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Dear Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Ailes:

In 1996, my family was a subscriber to TimeWarner cable TV - which DID NOT carry anything FOX.  At that time we had a weekend vacation home that didn't get any local cable TV so we subscribed to DirecTV and in December of 1996 WE DISCOVERED FOX NEWS.... what a refreshing change from CNN.  We enjoyed FOX during our weekends at the coast.  After that, every month when my mother would send in her payment to TimeWarner, she would ask for them to add Fox News to their lineup.

In 1999 my family all wanted to watch the Gore/Bush debacle on FOX so we got DTV at our house in Raleigh, NC (only on one TV - the rest still had TimeWarner).

I now live in that 'vacation' house and I can only get DTV.... (I will not pay the additional price for local network programming because it's all so very left wing.)  FOX News kept me sane - until this election cycle.

I watched the first Republican debate, when Megyn Kelly tried to take out Donald Trump.  I have not watched her show since that night in August, 2015.

Today Twitter was all aghast about Kelly's interview with Newt Gingrich, so I watched that on YouTube.

Sadly, your Ms. Kelly has become a snarky, OVERT, leftist bitch.

I have cancelled the part of my DTV package that provided Fox News (ch. 360)

If I want left-wing, sarcastic, PARTIAL news coverage, all I have to do is read a newspaper online.  I certainly will not PAY for it on my television!

I just left your website after looking for a way to contact you privately about my feelings, but alas, there was no way.... so here I am, unloading my disgust openly to anyone who cares to read this.

Your network, Mr. Ailes, has become a pimp for the American left.  Any trace of impartiality in your network's reporting is gone, except for Cavuto, O'Reilly, and Hannity and I will surely miss them.

If I should read one day that Megyn Kelly has moved to CNN or MSNBC (where she will fit perfectly), I will add FNC back to my DirecTV lineup.  Until that time, adios....

Most sincerely...