Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Don't know if Ashton Kutcher always felt this way, or if playing Steve Jobs caused an epiphany, but this speech at the Teen Choice Awards needs to be seen by every teenager in this country!  This is probably the most amazing thing I've heard come out of Hollywood in my lifetime.... 

Friday, September 20, 2013


Four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in Benghazi terror attack over a year ago

What headlines as ‘Darrell Issa’s pathetic, error-laden obsession…’ into the disaster that was the Benghazi terror attack has been a year of running into stone walls for his House Oversight Committee’s hearings.

The major characters on the stage of this assault that killed four Americans are Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Hussein Obama.  When Hillary testified before Issa’s committee and pounded her fists and yelled her famous ‘What difference does it make…’ line.  She has merely ‘taken responsibility’ for the disaster, all the while NOT answering any probing questions. 

Obama has yet to address the year-old attack, except to say on ‘The View’ that is was because of a video.  We still don’t know where he was that fatal, faithful night. 

We don’t know why Panetta (then head of the CIA) gave the stand-down order when the military were on the plane and ready to roll.  (Panette had NO constitutional authority to do that - only the CinC can issue such orders) Panetta has said ‘we could not GET there in time’.  My question to Panetta is:  ‘How did you know how long the attack would LAST?  What was your basis for determining help, which was less than an hour away, wouldn’t arrive in time?’

An Accountability Review Board (ARB), convened by Hillary Clinton, was tasked with getting answers about the failures of 9/11/2012.  I was chaired by Adm. Mike Mullen and former Ambassador Thomas Pickering.  The ARB did NOT interview Hillary Clinton.  The ARB did NOT interview the Commander-in-Chief. What a waste of time and tax dollars!

Read the results of the ARB investigation here:  

Note that NO ONE has been fired for “Systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department…”

What I’ve written here, so far, is more for the uninformed, as this has been said for a year on Conservative news networks and by Conservative bloggers.  The mainstream media opted NOT to cover the Benghazi attacks a year ago because news of this would have hurt Obama, who was in the final weeks of his re-election campaign.

Today’s headline, which should disgust and enrage every decent citizen in this country is:

Spitting on Their Graves: Democrats Leave Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims

During the second portion of (Issa’s) House Oversight and Government Reform hearing about Benghazi Thursday on Capitol Hill, the majority of Democrats (all but 2) on the Committee left the room and refused to listen to the testimony of Patricia Smith and Charles Woods. Ms. Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, an information management officer killed in the 9/11 Benghazi attack. Charles Woods is the father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was also killed.

In my opinion, this behavior warrants censure by the full Congress, and recall by the voters of each district whose representative walked out.

Via Katie Pavlich, writing today for HOTAIR:  “I guess we’ve reached the point in the “phony scandal” messaging where they felt a bold signal needed to be sent. Even with Sean Smith’s grieving mother sitting right there at the witness table.”



Elijah Cummings, Maryland (Dist. 7), Ranking Member
Carolyn Maloney, New York – Dist. 12
Eleanor Holmes Norton, District of Columbia
John F. Tierney, Massachusetts – Dist. 6
William Lacy Clay, Jr., Missouri – Dist. 1
Stephen Lynch, Massachusetts – Dist. 8
Jim Cooper, Tennessee – Dist. 5
Gerry Connolly, Virginia - Dist. 11
Jackie Speier, California – Dist. 14 
Matt Cartwright, Pennsylvania – Dist. 17
Mark Pocan, Wisconsin – Dist. 2
Tammy Duckworth, Illinois – Dist. 8
Danny K. Davis, Illinois – Dist. 7
Peter Welch, Vermont (only one in VT)
Tony Cardenas, California – Dist. 29
Steven Horsford, Nevada – Dist. 4
Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico – Dist. 1
Robin Kelly, Illinois – Dist. 2

If you are inclined to contact your Congressional Representative listed above, find out how at this link:

Friday, September 13, 2013


Another hot button for me – and it’s NOT political!

The black bear is the only bear species found in North Carolina or anywhere in the eastern United States. The successful comeback of the American black bear in North Carolina represents one of wildlife management's greatest achievements. Black bears were once restricted to remote areas and reached very low population levels in the mid-1900s.  Today, black bears are found approximately 60% of the total land area of North Carolina.

A young male in a field about a mile from my house.

There are black bears all around where I live, and as fall approaches, we see them more and more in the fields where corn grew a month ago.  They love the grubs there, but around here there is plenty of fish, frogs, wild berries and assorted reptiles to keep them happy.  If I happen to leave the garage door open, one may wander and browse in the garbage can.  It’s not uncommon to see a mama bear and a cub or two dining on frogs and crayfish along the road I have to travel to reach civilization.  They are curious and shy and will not attack unless they think their cubs are in danger.  We have one in the hood this year that probably tops 600 pounds, and he likes walking down the middle of the road, nice and slow.  It’s HIS road, too, after all.

In the adjacent field, a mom with triplets heading for the tall grass.

With the successful re-population of Eastern North Carolina with black bears also comes the problem of OVER-population in some areas.  So we now have bear hunting season.  This year my county has almost three weeks of bear hunting:  11/11 – 11/16 and 12/16 – 12/28.

Bears have been traditionally hunted like deer – from a tree stand in the woods.  The hunter masks his scent and simply waits in the stand for a bear to wander by (or there may be a bait station nearby – depending on wildlife regulations).  If you’re a great shot and manage to hit a vital organ, you’ll have a nice trophy bear head to mount, and maybe a bearskin rug.  Bears are seldom killed for food but if you intend to eat one, you better get it in the pot within hours of the kill.  Just ugh.

Hunters might also hunt the bear on foot, creeping through the woods, moving slowly, so the bear isn’t frightened by sudden movements.   Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  Thinking it takes a truly brave hunter to go after a big bear?  Well, this is all bullshit and folklore.

Enter the state dog of North Carolina – the Plott Hound.  (Apparently back in 1989 our state legislature had time on their hands so they came up with a state dog – a wonderful use of legislative hours.)  Originally bred for boar hunting, one letter was changed and now they are used for bEar hunting. 

Today’s bear hunters simply attach a GPS to the collar of the Plott Hound (usually there are MANY hounds used for the hunt) and the dogs are released.
The brave hunters stand around at the side of the road, drinking beer and tracking the dogs.  When the GPS shows the dogs aren’t moving, but howling and barking is heard in the distance, these manly men know that the dogs have treed a bear.

They then hop in their trusty ATV’s and head for the dogs’ location.  I assume these people draw straws for shooting order – I don’t really know because this entire thing disgusts me so much I can’t bear (pun intended) to be in the same COUNTY with them.  The bear is shot 5-6 times by the gang of hunters, and then it falls dead or wounded to the ground.  Cheers and laughter!  WE WENT BEAR HUNTING AND GOT ONE!

I personally find this the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel.  The bear has ZERO chance of survival.  And the girly-men with the powerful rifles and the GPS dogs boast about the ‘hunt’. 

What a bunch of cowardly braggadocios pussies!

UPDATE (2018)  In addition to GPS on the dogs, these brave people have added VIDEO.... can you say 'shooting fish in a barrel?'

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


North Carolina’s REPUBLICAN Governor (only the fourth since 1877) and North Carolina’s REPUBLICAN legislature (first time that’s been the case in both houses since 1898) have made horrible, drastic [NOT] changes to the state voting laws, following the Supreme Court decision last year to remove the requirement that ‘certain racist states’ must have their election laws, redistricting, etc. overseen by the Department of Justice.  The Department of Justice….. you know the outfit – that’s the department headed by the totally unbiased, totally fair, totally NON-racist Eric Holder, the same Eric Holder that saw no voter intimidation looking at films of the new Black Panthers blocking voters from entering the polls in the 2008 election.  Yep – same one. 

The New York Times is only ONE of the liberal lamestream media outlets that has been all up North Carolina’s rear end attacking the changes enacted recently. 

THIS, my friends, is voter suppression….

THIS… not! 

Here are a few (admittedly) liberal links talking krap about North Carolina’s election law changes – just a glimpse and you’ll know from whence I come.

Ok – enough of this shit.  How about a few facts…. And this will really rile you lefties out there – YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH‼‼  (a Jack Nicholson quote from ‘A Few Good Men’) 

Below are excerpts from an editorial in the Carolina Journal on September 5, 2013, which takes exception to the charges that my state is racist BY PROVING WE ARE IN THE MAINSTREAM! (Actually, we’re STILL too damn far to the left, if you ask me!)

RALEIGH — You’ve heard it from the Left. You’ve heard it from the press and on TV. It’s all over the Internet. The Voter Suppression Act. Disenfranchised voters. One of the nation’s most restrictive voter ID laws. Sweeping. Controversial. Restrictive. Fiercely contested. Assault on democracy…

Here’s a recap of what the new law does and where North Carolina lines up nationally (much of this information comes from the National Conference of State Legislatures):

• Voter ID: required. Thirty-three states require voters to present identification at the polls. North Carolina is the 34th and joins a national trend of requiring a photo ID. Two-thirds of North Carolinians asked in several polls favor a government-issued photo ID to vote.

• Straight-ticket voting: no longer allowed. Fourteen states allow straight-party voting. North Carolina joins the 36 states that do not.

• Early voting: fewer days but the same number of hours. Fifteen states allow neither early voting nor no-excuse absentee voting. Thirty-two states have early voting periods ranging from four days to 45 days prior to election day, with an average of 19 days. North Carolina allows 10 days but requires the same number of hours of early voting that were available in 2012 and 2010, when the early voting period was 17 days.  [A year ago, the state of New York – home of the NY Times Commie Rag – DIDN’T ALLOW EARLY VOTING!  ROFLMAO!]

• Same-day registration: no longer allowed during early voting. Only Ohio and North Carolina allowed (past tense) same-day registration during early voting. Ten states and the District of Columbia allow same-day registration on election day. North Carolina no longer does.

• Pre-registration: no longer allowed for 16- and 17-year-olds. Five states allow 16- and 17-year-olds to register before they turn 18. Forty-five states do not, now including North Carolina.

• Campaign contributions: limited. Fourteen states allow unlimited individual contributions to candidates. North Carolina limits individual contributions to $5,000, with periodic increases tied to the Consumer Price Index.

• Paper ballots: required in all N.C. counties. All BUT five states require paper ballots or some type of paper trail voters can verify at the polls. North Carolina becomes the 18th state using only paper ballots statewide. Sixty-seven North Carolina counties used paper ballots in 2012. H.B. 589 brings consistency across all counties.

• Taxpayer-funded campaigns: repealed. Only 13 states offer public funds to political candidates. North Carolina joins the 37 states that do not.

• Provisional out-of-precinct voting: no longer allowed. Thirty-one states and D.C. require voters to cast provisional ballots in the precinct where they live (according to 2008 data, the most recent I could find). Now, North Carolina does, too.

• Instant runoff elections: eliminated. North Carolina was the ONLY state using the confusing instant runoff process in judicial races. Three states use instant runoffs for ballots cast by overseas voters.

Editorial by Becki Gray (@beckigray) is vice president for outreach at the John Locke Foundation.

And there you have it.  If you live here in the Tar Heel State and you don’t LIKE our voting laws, I suggest you grab a moving van and haul your sorry butt somewhere else.  Or go buy some fingernail polish at Walgreens (but ya better have an ID card!)

Monday, September 9, 2013



From the Washington Post, September 5th… By retired Major General Robert Scales

Speaking after recent conversations with both active duty and retired military leaders regarding intervention in Syria, Scales says:

They (military leaders) are embarrassed to be associated with the amateurism of the Obama administration’s attempts to craft a plan that makes strategic sense. None of the White House staff has any experience in war or understands it. So far, at least, this path to war violates every principle of war, including the element of surprise, achieving mass and having a clearly defined and obtainable objective.

They are repelled by the hypocrisy of a media blitz that warns against the return of Hitlerism but privately acknowledges that the motive for risking American lives is our “responsibility to protect” the world’s innocents…

They are outraged by the fact that what may happen is an act of war and a willingness to risk American lives to make up for a slip of the tongue about “red lines.” These acts would be for retribution and to restore the reputation of a president…

Read Scales’ complete insight and condemnation of Obama’s ‘war plan’ at the link below.  Finally, someone with experience and SENSE is speaking out about this mess!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013



W:  Howdy….

O:  George, uh... This is are you?  How's the family?

W:  We're all good, Barry.  Hope all is great with you and Michelle.  What's happening?

O:  Well, uh...I'm sure you're aware of ..uh...the problems in Syria.  John and Lindsey were here yesterday ...uh.. to talk about it.  They are ...uh... in favor of my plan of attack and they will be ...uh... speaking out in support.  Uh.... I'll be meeting with other congressional leaders later ...uh... today.  I was hoping I could ...uh... fly you back to D.C. for a sit-down with me here in ...uh... the Oval Office ... get your input.

W:  Well, Barry....  I appreciate you thinking of me, and I've sorta been following this for the last two years, since you drew that first red line in the sand.  My thoughts on all this would be.... that I should keep my thoughts to myself.  This debacle is the only thing you haven't blamed me for in the last five years, and I plan to keep it that way.  Besides, I'm playing golf today.  Have a fun day, ya hear!  *click*

Sunday, September 1, 2013



The Resolute desk is a large, nineteenth-century partners' desk often chosen by presidents of the United States for use in the White House Oval Office as the Oval Office desk.

It was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880 and was built from the timbers of the British Arctic Exploration ship Resolute.

Franklin Roosevelt had a small door built for the gap to prevent people from seeing his wheelchair.  Many presidents since Hayes have used the desk at various locations in the White House, but it was Jackie Kennedy who first brought the desk into the Oval Office in 1961 for President John F. Kennedy.
It was removed from the White House only once, after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, when President Johnson allowed the desk to go on a traveling exhibition with the Kennedy Presidential Library.  After this it was on display in the Smithsonian Institution. President Jimmy Carter brought the desk back to the Oval Office, where Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush used it.  It is currently in use by President Barack Obama.