Thursday, May 19, 2016


If you have any questions about Hillary Clinton's plans to take out the NRA and TAKE YOUR GUNS, this should answer your questions!  


Saturday, May 7, 2016


[Ed. note:  Reince Priebus is the Chairman of the RNC - and it's time he started acting like it!  He has lost control of the party.  Time to get it back. ]

Dear Mr. Priebus:

I suggest the following, beginning with an OPEN letter from YOU to every Republican in the U.S. Congress, EVERY candidate who ran this year for president, including Donald Trump, stating that WE WILL NOW BRING THE PARTY TOGETHER!  GET ON BOARD OR HIT THE ROAD WALKING.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Republican Party:

The RNC is THE purse for the Republicans, and every candidate at the national level wants a piece of that pie.  I intend to put a lock on the funds until everyone gets in line.... beginning with Donald Trump.

Speaker Paul Ryan:  You were elected to your House seat by fewer than 200,000 voters. Get on board with our candidate immediately or you will not see a dime of funds for your re-election in November - NOT ONE DIME!  As Speaker, is it your duty to bring the party together - NOT be part of the problem.

President Bush 41 - remain silent on the election.  Enjoy your retirement.

President Bush 43 - time for your endorsement of Trump.  Make your reservation to be in Cleveland for the Convention.  End of Discussion.

Sen. Lindsey Graham:  You (and every other candidate) signed an agreement to support the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE.  You have a week to walk back your statements regarding supporting Trump.  The clock starts with the postmark on this letter.  Failure to get on board will disqualify you for any future funding by the RNC.

Gov. Jeb Bush:  See remarks to Lindsey Graham above.  Get on board with OUR CANDIDATE or your political career is definitely over.

Sen. Ted Cruz:  See instructions to Sen. Graham.

Gov. John Kasich:  Time to get on the team with OUR NOMINEE, or any hopes of a national career will go down the drain.

Gov. Mitt Romney:  You had your shot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Either get on board for Donald Trump or go back home and grow tomatoes.  Recall that Trump supported YOUR candidacy by word and pocketbook.  Man up or get out of the Republican Party.

Sen. John McCain:  Walk back YOUR lack of support for OUR CANDIDATE or I suggest you announce you've decided NOT to run for re-election.

To the remaining presidential candidates this year:  Thank you for your participation.  I look for each and every one of you to be on board with OUR NOMINEE within the week, as you also signed an agreement to support the winner.  I expect all of you to honor your word.

And finally - for now - Mr. Trump:  Cease and desist from the name-calling. We have money to raise and fences to mend.  You will have the complete support of the RNC.  Time for you to begin acting like the president you want history to remember you as.

Thank you all for your cooperation in advance.

RR Priebus

Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee

Friday, May 6, 2016


Donald Trump is not a Conservative. 

The media hates him, at least those in the media who purport that they are conservative. 

Fox News talking heads like Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes, Charles Krauthammer , just to name a few, have nothing good to say about Trump. They relish repeating over and over that he's NOT a Conservative, and they are totally befuddled that Trump is 'taking over the Conservative Republican party'.

First of all, guys - the Republican Party is not and HAS not been Conservative since Ronald Reagan - and you jerks fought Reagan tooth and nail! Having said that....

Tell me, gentlemen.... Why was Bob Dole acceptable? Why did you fall all over yourselves supporting Bush 41 and 43? Why was McCain fine with you? And FFS - WHY WAS ROMNEY the perfect Republican?

The truth is.... This is the first election in 18 years where the PRESS did NOT pick the Republican candidate - WE THE PEOPLE DID!  And that is stuck in your craw!

Hey Chuck, Bill and Stephen! Here's something for you to ponder. Donald Trump played you guys like a STRADIVARIUS - YOU paid for Trump's campaign by keeping him front and center, always wanting interviews with him - Trump loves the spotlight, especially when it's free. 

For what it's worth today, I don't think Donald Trump gives a krap about any of you and what you think ..... seriously! 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For your reading pleasure....

Thursday, May 5, 2016


It only took 4 million people staying home in 2012 for Obama to win a second term in the White House.

In my mind, there is no way this nation can survive another four years of Obama, and that is exactly what a Hillary Clinton presidency would be.

I am a political junkie, and after the roughest Republican primary in MY memory, I'm trying to get a handle on what comes next.

My candidate WAS and IS Donald Trump, and while I'm thrilled that he is now the presumptive nominee, I can feel the pain of supporters for Cruz, and Rubio, and Kasich..... I DO feel their disappointment and, in many cases, their anger.

My friends say 'I do not trust Trump.'

I ask.... 'Do you trust Hillary?'  She has a history of lying about so many things that I'm not sure she would know the truth if it sat in her lap.

My friends say 'Trump isn't a Conservative.'  I agree, but then I ask you this:  'Is Hillary a Conservative?  Not even close!

My friends say 'Trump demonizes women.'  I disagree.  One thing about Donald Trump that I like is, while the man almost never is the first to attack, he will fight back with all the energy he can.  I want a president who WILL FIGHT for what's right for all of America, and I see that in Donald Trump.

I ask 'Do you think Hillary advocates for women?'  Does it matter to you that she PERSONALLY ran the 'nuts and sluts' wing of the Clinton White House - attacking and destroying all the women (and there were many) Bill slept with and/or raped.  Did you know that Hillary paid her FEMALE STAFF $0.72 cents for every dollar she paid her male staff when she was a Senator?'

My friends say they 'think Trump flip/flops on his positions.'  Perhaps he does - but is it a crime to change your mind?  Trump is NOT a slick politician - perhaps he will learn better 'skills' as time goes by, but for now - he simply speaks his mind - and he speaks it honestly!

So I ask - 'Do you think Hillary panders to her audience?'

The video below is from a speech about a month ago.  When questioned YESTERDAY by a coal miner, she lied... clearly and painfully.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words..... here are more of HER flip-flops....

The Republicans put up SEVENTEEN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES this year (9 governors, 5 senators, 1 brain surgeon, and two from the private sector.  Among this group were 2 Hispanics, 1 African American, 1 Indian and a woman.) Every single one of them would be a better president than Hillary Clinton. Every single one! (BTW - The Democrats have offered us two old white people.)

This year, the angry silent majority, of which I have been one, rose to the occasion and flocked to the polls in hopes of salvaging this nation.  In my heart I truly believe that Donald Trump also loves this country, and I think he believes he can make America great again.  Why in the world would he take a YUGE pay cut (he has said he would work for free) and move into a 200 year old house that was build when men were 5'8" tall??  I think he really believes he CAN to this job.

And finally..... unlike Hillary Clinton.... who is bought and paid for by the entire Middle East......

Before you decide to sit out this election, please look at this link... it's the last of three posts I've made on the murder of four American heroes in Benghazi....

Think long and hard about your vote, or your non-vote.  Our forefathers FOUGHT AND DIED so you could be free to vote.  I beg you - do NOT abdicate this sacred and precious gift.


Monday, May 2, 2016



(This can only be done thru iTunes, so you will need an account.... if you have your own songs on your computer, put them on the cloud and sync your phone/computer to share.  Also - my phone's an iPhone 6S so I don't know if this works for anything earlier.)

Before starting….. do the following so you can rename your music file in WINDOWS 10


Select the ‘VIEW’ tab….

Scroll down and UNCHECK the ‘HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOW FILE TYPES’ (This is the 7th SQUARE)

Press OK (you can leave this setting – it won’t affect your computer)

And away we go….

1.  Connect your iPhone to the computer via the Lightning cable, and start up iTunes.

2. Go into the music section and select the track that you want to use as a ringtone. Play the track and make a note of the start/stop time for your ringtone (not to exceed 29 seconds) Play the song on iTunes and note when you want to begin and end the ringtone. You can choose the middle of the song if you like.

3. Right click on it and select 'Get Info'.

4. A smaller window will open on top: select the Options tab in it.
In the Options tab, enter the starting time and the stop time for your ringtone. Remember, you need to select a 30-second (or less) selection of the song. If you select a time slice that is longer, the ringtone will fail to register. In our case, we select the first 30 seconds (start time is 0:00, and stop time is 0:30). Click 'OK'. NEVER EXCEED 30 SECONDS, and 0:29 seconds or less is best.
5. Once again, right click on the song and this time select 'Create AAC version'.  Momentarily, a second track with the same name, but the shorter, 30-second duration will appear.

6. Right click on the new file and select 'Show in Windows Explorer'. 7. A new window will open on top that will show you the location of the ringtone. Shrink this window by stretching it and slide it aside – you will need the PATH to the song soon. Do NOT close it
The new file has a .m4a extension. Select it and rename the extension to .m4r

7. This concludes your work preparing the file for use as a ringtone.

8. Next, Click on the three dots in the upper left and then select the 'Tones'  (It has a bell icon)

9. Click in the top left corner on the top-left-most tiny icon.  (A tiny rectangle with a dark and light side)  Select 'Add File to Library'.

10. Add the .m4r file that you have prepared.  (Go back to step 6 if you cannot find its location – or look at the explorer window you shrunk down and highlight the path….. use CTRL and C for ‘copy’ and then CRTL and V to paste the file in #9 above location).

11. Almost done!  The last step is to click on the iPhone icon in the top left of the iTunes screen (It’s to the right of the three dots).

12. Select the 'Tones' section here.  Fill in the circle next to all the tones you want to sync on your phone.  Check 'Sync Tones' if it’s not already checked. 

13. Click APPLY in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then click SYNC.  Wait for the phone to sync up (this can take up to several minute depending on how many ringtones you’ve made).

14. Success!  The ringtone is now loaded onto your phone, but you still need to actually select it to use it.

15.  Open SETTINGS on the iPhone and scroll down to ‘SOUNDS

16.  Then scroll to the ‘RINGTONE’ tab and tap it (or TEXT tone, or EMAIL, etc)

17.  Your new ringtone appears above all the stock ones, separated with a line. Select it and you're done! Now, your phone will ring in your own unique style!

P.S. - I an NOT a techie but I got lucky and was able to do this and make personalized ringtones.... if you have trouble, ugh - I can't help you!  GOOD LUCK!

This is one of my favs..... the first 30 seconds of this one is my 'text alert'... takes you right up to the first lyric!