Friday, January 5, 2018


I posted a short blog about this last year during the election season.  My thoughts about this woman haven't changed other than I'm more convinced than ever that Hillary is NOT well and everyone around her is complicit in covering for her.

This video seems to show a textbook petit mal seizure.  

"In atypical petit mal seizures, you might notice the head bobbing up and down. Check for fluttering eyelids. If the individual's eyelids are rapidly opening and closing, she might be having a petit mal seizure.

Mental issues?

Listen to the gentleman narrating the video below...

The video below shows Hillary collapsing before being 'thrown' into her van.  Note that those around her don't seem to be concerned or surprised by this event - which took place in NYC on a bright 75 degree morning.

This video below shows 'Hillary' exiting Chelsea's apartment building 90 minutes after being thrown in the back of her (private ambulance) van when she seized and went limp .

My contention is that the woman you see here is a body double.  There are NO Secret Service anywhere nearby, and that would NEVER happen, considering what happened less than two hours earlier.

I have been noticing and researching Hillary’s symptoms for months and Parkinson’s is the conclusion I arrived at.  

If you watch the video of her waiting for her car at the 9/11 memorial, you will see that her seizure – AND IT WAS A SEIZURE – was no surprise to her 16+ member entourage. 

Seizures are often a product of and a symptom of Parkinsons.  

(As an aside – these people ignored protocol that calls for the vehicle to be in place before the subject is brought to the pick-up point.  Hillary waited 2-3 minutes for her vehicle to arrive.  And by taking her to Chelsea’s apartment rather than to a hospital, they broke another protocol – BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT RISK A DOCTOR IN SOME E.R. WHO WAS NOT ON THE PAYROLL MAKING A DIAGNOSIS OF HILLARY’S CONDITION)  

Ninety minutes after Hillary arrived at Chelsea’s apartment, she came strolling out looking fit as a fiddle.  ………… here is where the narrative – MY narrative – gets a little askew.  

The woman that exited Chelsea's building was NOT Hillary Clinton.  (But as you see in the picture below - I AM NOT ALONE in thinking this!)
Picture found on Google Images....

There’s no way Hillary could bounce back from her seizure AND PNEUMONIA (HER doctor’s diagnoses) in just 90 minutes.  I believe in my heart that it was a body double named Teresa Barnwell who came out of that building.  (Barnwell is an actress who has been portraying Hillary for over 20 years.)  

The reason I think it was not Hillary is because there wasn’t a single member of her entourage close to her – in case she seized again or stumbled – AND because they let her (with pneumonia, which is assumed to be contagious) get in a child’s face.  If Hillary was in fact contagious with BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA, that would be almost criminally negligent.  With me so far?

Hillary MAY have had pneumonia as her doctor said, but the type she had is ASPIRATION PNEUMONIA – and it is NOT contagious.  It happens when the throat muscles fail to function properly and foreign particles get into the lungs, causing fluids in the lungs and EXTENDING COUGHING FITS.  Another symptom of Parkinson’s.  

Google it if you don’t believe me.  Also google TERESA BARNWELL HILLARY BODY DOUBLE…. I am NOT the only conspiracy theorist out there who believes this.  If you look at this Barnwell closely – her nose has a ‘hooked’ profile, her face is not as long as Hillary’s, and her face is wider than Hillary’s.  She is also shorter and about 30 pounds lighter… THIS IS THE WOMAN WHO EXITED CHELSEA CLINTON’S BUILDING AFTER 90 MINUTES.

Hillary has Parkinson’s…. and she’s had it for a number of years.  That is my belief and it’s not likely to change!

America also dodged a bullet when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. That is also my belief and it’s not likely to change - ever!