Thursday, October 29, 2015


After watching one Democrat and three Republican debates, I have come to one major conclusion:  He/she who screams the loudest, gets the face time.

If I were asked for an alternative format..... here is what I would suggest.

Maximum of 6 candidates.... the highest in a compilation of 5 CREDIBLE polling service

Debate time:  TWO hours....... that's 120 minutes.  Back out 15 minutes for commercials (105 left)

Moderators (no matter how many) get equal to ask a question.  Total time for ASKING questions will be 8 minutes.


EACH CANDIDATE WILL HAVE A CLOCK THAT READS 15 + 1 MINUTES.  When a candidate wants to speak, they hit a switch and their clock starts and their mic comes on and EVERY OTHER MIC (including those of the moderators) AND CLOCKS ARE CUT OFF.  When a candidate's 15 minutes are up, he/she will remain silent until the end of the debate, when the candidate will get ONE final minute to close.  If a candidate chooses to use his/her entire 15 minutes on one question, that's fine..... stand quietly until closing statements.

Same for the moderators.... they will divide their 'asking' time amongst themselves however they choose, and when he/she is outta time.... they can sit politely and LISTEN to the debate.

For the closing statements, the candidates can draw a number, 1-6, and that is the order they will speak in.
120 minutes - 15 minutes (commercials/breaks)= 105 minutes
105 minutes - 8 minutes (moderators)               =   97 minutes
97 minutes - 96 minutes (candidates)                 =     1 minute
Final one minute will be split between a 30 second 'Welcome to the debate' greeting..... and a 30 second 'Thank you for joining us tonight'
Orderly debate..... problem solved!

(Personally I like the food fight approach!  LOL)

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I want to attampt to illustrate for you how truly bereft a nation fully half of us have become; how completely, morally bankrupt we are. And there is a lot going on today that we can point to……

We have a President consumed with how much felons pay for a phone call on the inside; he refuses to call the death of a highly decorated Army veteran a 'combat' death, even tho this man died on a rescue MISSION in Iraq, because that doesn't fit his narrative of 'the United States is not at war'.

The world literally burns while Obama denies that our longtime enemy - IRAN - will soon have nukes and the systems for long range delivery; yet many woefully ill-informed people in our country think we are safe and untouchable.
We are not close to being safe, but that is a discussion for another day.  This is about our morals as a nation. I am going to do you a favor and avoid actual statistics that may put you to sleep ….face it, if you are a liberal you don’t care, you don’t understand, or perhaps you do understand and don’t care anyway. I will use easily manageable terms like ‘a lot’ or ‘some’ or ‘almost none’. I want you to sleep easily tonight.

This week, in preparation for a Clinton Presidency in which the left will radically or completely eliminate private gun ownership, the Second Circuit Court, - that 10th Supreme Court justice (thank you Learned Hand) passed more gun regulations. That court’s jurisdiction includes DC, where a personally owned firearm is harder to find than an honest Democrat. In that crafting of a law which is not the court’s constitutional role, the writer for the majority said that ‘assault style weapons’ were used disproportionately in gun crimes. That is not true, has been proven to be not true and the use of those type of weapons is SO RARE that the FBI actually keeps no statistics on them. The judge also said that a gun IN THE HOUSE increased the risk of suicide. That is also ‘not true’ but I will give the judge a little leeway for his public education. Not only does ‘no’ study exist to give credence to that holding, but even though guns are used in suicides, ‘most’ suicides are not by guns. Given that rationale, the presence of a bed in my house might increase the chances that I will go to sleep. 

Now, do these incredibly irresponsible holdings address the judge's morals? Not so much, they are simply wrong, HE is simply wrong.

Likewise with environmentalists and global climate change whackjobs. Actual scientists, the ones not getting grants for studying this nonsense, will acknowledge that man affects climate, but in such infinitesimal ways as to be negligible and in ‘most’ models immeasurable. Despite the fact that ‘every single thing’ out of Obama’s mouth, as well as the lefts’ propaganda machine (the media) regarding climate change is demonstrably wrong, (and indeed I know of no other field of scientific study where scientists have actually requested their name be left OFF of speeches and papers because of the misrepresentations), the left clings to this fantasy as an absolute. 

Does this address their morality? We are getting close, but for the most part they are just wrong.

To cut to the chase, the left as an entity is prepared to embrace climate change, gun control, a false economy, etc. etc. based on demonstrable flaws in facts, reasoning, tests and studies. And though at times their rabid devotion to ‘causes’ borders on immoral, for the most part, until they try to regulate you and come for your money, they are just wrong.

But that is not the same with the lefts' stance on abortion.

The courts have ruled that life starts at conception.  Most states have laws that treat the murder of a pregnant woman a double homicide, and that makes abortion an act of murder, killing the unborn.  Now, before the butt monkeys come out of the liberal forest, leftists need to keep in mind…..the same courts that manufactured the right to abortion, that created a right to gay marriage, the right to burn the flag…….those courts are the ones that state that life begins at conception….think of it as a package deal…..those are the laws you are breaking.

Now…..we are told that a mother’s health may be in danger. Again the facts show this is ‘statistically never’ the case. We are told about women pregnant due to rape, again the stats are ‘almost never’.  And given those stats, most conservatives, most God fearing people could make room for limited exceptions when an abortion can be permitted. But the left has pushed ‘clean, safe and limited’ to ‘abortion on demand with no apologies’. They have turned an action of last resort into A CONVENIENCE…..quickly translating from ‘almost never’ to ‘why not’ the murder of God’s creation, as defined by liberal courts by approximately half of America.

This would be the same half that boo’d God.

In 2012 not only did every single speaker at the Democrat National Convention praise abortion, ‘ALL’ of them, the assembled body BOO’d at the mention of God. In truth, those that crafted the platform eliminated God, found out that at least some delegates were offended, and THEY were boo’d trying to re-insert God’s name. Only the LA mayor, born and raised a leftist crook, re-inserting the name of the Lord in the platform – he unilaterally kept the name of God from being eliminated from EVERYTHING in the Democrat Party platform.

Wrong? Yes.  Immoral? In the extreme.

By 2012 fully half of the electorate was pro-infanticide and anti-God…..and therein lies our moral failure. Think of it……WE THE PEOPLE MUST accept the lies put forward on gun control and climate change (to name just a few) regardless of repeatedly proven facts or, in some cases, some scientific, reasonable alternative theories. WE THE PEOPLE MUST celebrate gay marriage and the associated break down of traditional marriage. WE THE PEOPLE MUST, by extension, agree that a 12 year old boy can dress as a girl if he feels like a girl that day, or use the girls’ restroom. WE THE PEOPLE MUST support abortion on demand under any circumstances, night or day, for any reason and now you may be able to force a doctor of your choosing to perform it. WE THE PEOPLE MUST extol the glory of a Planned Parenthood mammogram even though the Dr. Mengele of Planned Parenthood herself admitted that Planned Parenthood provides NO mammograms and in reality exists only to kill babies. For that matter WE THE PEOPLE MUST agree to the killing of babies…..AND, you must either boo God or boo those that want to have a discussion on God.

Wrong? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Inhumane at times? Yes. Immoral always?

Half of this nation is board with all of this. Half of the nation is fond of the Obama-esque, made from whole cloth, myth that to disagree with any of this is ‘to be on the wrong side of history'….and SOME OF WE THE PEOPLE might indeed be on the wrong side of Mr. Obama’s definition of history.  But this is all part of the attack on American culture…….and half of the nation has been seduced by it all.

This moral decay is destroying us, eating at the very soul of this nation.  The half that has been seduced, including a media our forefathers died for, so they could FREELY AND WITHOUT INTIMIDATION tell the truth to the people of this country, will not sleep until the rest of WE THE PEOPLE surrender all.

As for me, I will never surrender.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Well, this next Presidential election, should we have one, is going to be an outright referendum on the intelligence of the liberal voter.

But before I explain myself, I want to review a conversation that Rush Limbaugh had with a former die-hard Obama supporter. I mean, this caller had bought Obama’s krap hook line and sinker, and when Rush asked what had changed the callers mind about Obama, the man, who was white, was pretty clear on the issue. 1 - Neither he nor any of his fellow leftists realized what was involved in turning control of the nation over to an abject fool and 2 - Nobody the caller knew that voted for Obama could have fathomed that Obama would have been so self-centered, anti-American, racist and incompetent. I would say that the caller was legitimate, but my question would have been “why? Why did you not realize the pain of the shift to socialism? And why would you have believed anything else about Obama.


The caller was fully cognizant of how much his confession made him look, like a fool. He acknowledged that nothing about Obama indicated that he would be more or better than he was. In the end, the caller was ashamed and embarrassed and was never voting leftist again. 

One living voter down.

When Hillary first declared (the first of three times in this election cycle) that she was running, a woman caller to one of the shows said that she wasn’t automatically going to vote for Hillary because she was a woman. Have you seen her polling demographics? Women are voting for her because she is a woman.  (On the other hand, she only has 27% of male support.  Could it be because women ‘feel’ and men ‘think’?)

So, the left is going to have a choice between three old, white losers that have never accomplished shit in their lives (O’Malley and Webb don’t stand a chance).

Bernie Sanders is a crank, who other than write a really bad porno book in the style of Hunter S. Thompson at his worst, has been on a government payroll, almost exclusively that of Vermont, a state about the size of a small Kansas County. He openly identifies as a socialist which is why he aligns himself with the Democrats. Never done a thing in the real world.

Joe Biden, bless his soul and the personal tragedy he has been through, is a bonehead. Touted as a foreign affairs expert (in fact, Obama said prior to his first inauguration that he picked Biden because of his foreign policy experience) Biden’s knowledge of foreign affairs is limited to knowing where ‘foreign’ is. Other than being a lawyer, being born to and later marrying into privilege, since 1972 he has been a US senator or the VP, again living off of the public dime. Five minutes in a room with Joe and you would need to open a window to replenish the oxygen. The man is an idiot without Obama’s cunning and traitorous streak.

Other than being Bill’s wife, Hillary was an attorney at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since her marriage to Slick Willie she has lived off of your tax dollar. She did sit on the board of Walmart before she became anti-corporation and the Arkansas board of education, for which Arkansas has yet to forgive her (and rightfully so).

So, the left has three viable candidates (for the left), geriatrics all, who don’t know shit about the real world, have never done shit (at least correctly), and lived off of your dollar for the bulk of their non-productive adult years. And this is where it bears repeating; BEING PRESENT DOES NOT MEAN YOU DID ANYTHING. I will be in the same house as my vacuum cleaner today, but I don’t intend to DO anything. Biden being responsible for Obama’s domestic policies is not something I would write home about. Being the most investigated CANDIDATE in the history of the nation is not an accomplishment, nor either is being a New England whack job.

By contrast the Republicans have the top three (this week) contenders for the GOP. A renowned brain surgeon. The most successful real estate tycoon in the history of the nation (yes, I understand that he had a few companies that went bankrupt for a variety of reasons), which we shouldn’t hold against him as we as a nation are already bankrupt), and one of the most legally impressive minds even by the socialists' standards (most notably Alan Dershowitz). Although an attorney, Ted Cruz actually has numerous accomplishments to his name, far more than those of his democrat party rivals. And, Cruz actually is a true constitutionalist and constitutional lawyer and professor (unlike what Obama CLAIMED to be).

Now, the referendum to which I referred; if you are a die-hard liberal, and MUST vote liberal, and I understand that you are, that despite ALL of the history of liberalism and ALL of the failure and ALL of the lack of accountability and ALL of the lack of leadership…….if you feel like you have to vote liberal, then do it.

Tell yourself that you are not voting for the woman and then move out and pull the lever for a woman with no record of success.

Convince yourself that socialism, nay, communism is the solution to (rather than the cause of) most of mans’ government ailments, go vote for Bernie.

And if you want a President with whom you cannot carry on a conversation, jolt Biden back to life for a couple more years.

But DO NOT PRETEND that you are voting for the best person for the job.  Just admit it; you are a liberal, and an accomplished person at the controls of this AMTRACK train wreck is not important…..just admit it. Show the world that a full half of the U.S. voting public are not to be trusted with leading a day to day life, and are more than willing to double down on failure.
Don’t be shamed into being smart, into being responsible, informed……don’t let anyone convince you that your specific mental defect is not to be celebrated. Don’t let anyone try to make you think, to reason, to be intelligent, to make a smart choice. It would be unseemly, undignified.
Now, I said it was a referendum on the left, but it has implications for everyone… but mainly for the United States of America.

Go forward, be a dumbass…..don’t let the nation down.

[H/T Batman]

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I just watched a montage of news clips from the left wing media in which nearly every talking head said essentially that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives was in chaos because of Boehner resigning, and then Kevin McCarthy withdrawing his name from Speaker consideration.  Even FOX is echoing the mantra - REPUBLICANS IN CHAOS!  And the speculation is that this will help the Dems retake the House in 2016 - and hold the White House.


I thought this political season was going to be boring.... with two candidates - Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush - pre-ordained to lead their respective parties into the 2016 elections.  Well HELLO! Not so fast!

Hillary is tanking because she's boring, unlikable, and being exposed as the lying incompetent elitist she has always been. And poor Jeb, who has raised more MONEY than the other 15 candidates combined, is barely clinging to his spot in the 'first tier' of the Republican melange.

Here are a few stats..... and if this is 'chaos', I'll take it all day long!

  • GOVERNORS:  31 Republicans, 18 Democrats, 1 Independent
  • STATE LEGISLATURES:  GOP  68 (the highest number in the history of the party), DEMS 30 
  • U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:  Republican 247, Democrat 188
  • U.S.SENATE:  Republicans 54, Democrats 44
We currently have no Speaker of the House (well, Boehner will stay on until we get one, so note to the Republicans:  GET ONE ASAP) and the front runner withdrew his name on Thursday because of what some imply were 'sexual incumberances'.  (As an aside - this seems to be a resume ENHANCEMENT for Democrats, but Republicans have to resign and go back home in shame - GO FIGURE.)

But I digress.... CHAOS....You need 218 votes to be elected Speaker - this is a simple majority in the House.  The hard core right in the House - about 40 at last count - are standing together and wanting a Speaker who will promote the change the Republicans RAN ON TO GET ELECTED.  If they all refuse to vote for a RINO, then the Speaker candidate will need 11 Dems to get elected.  So there is the dilemma... making the right wing happy.  It CAN be done, and it SHOULD be done.  It the RINO's in the party take a serious look around right now, they will see that many in this country are angry and and ready to rise up.  You can see that by looking at the three front runners in the Republican 2016 campaign season.  They - Trump, Fiorina, and Carson - are all D.C. outsiders.... and the others, most of whom would be qualified to be President, have the bad luck to be running when the 'silent majority' in this country are screaming for CHANGE.

So the House will get it's new Speaker sooner rather than later (because the Conservatives will not tolerate Boehner hanging on and hanging around.  HE NEEDS TO GTH OUT! ) And I have one word of advice for whomever DOES become the new Speaker: Saying you will 'WORK ACROSS THE AISLE' is NOT a resume enhancement.  The Democrats NEVER work across the aisle - so I say 'screw 'em'.... if it's good for the goose, the the gander should do the same thing.

That's the Republican's 'chaos', as defined by me.  The left-wing media's heads are spinning as they try to proclaim that the Republican Party is in a shambles.  My reply to them is - this is what you get when you HAVE A LARGE TENT WITH MANY GROUPS MAKING UP YOUR PARTY.... unlike the left who are all bobble-head dolls following the person who promises the most freebies.

I'll tell you what CHAOS is..... it's the Democrat party.... their ORDAINED CANDIDATE, Hillary Clinton, has become the Party Albatross.. she has launched her campaign not once, not twice, but THREE times....

Hillary cannot get a foothold,  the avowed Socialist in the race - Bernie Sanders, is having crowds 10 times the size of hers at campaign events, and he is forcing her further and further to the left to try to capture some of his supporters.  The money brokers behind Hillary (much of which came from countries buying influence when she was SecState via the Clinton Family Foundation because they thought she would be the next president) are in a panic, and donors are already jumping to Biden, who hasn't even declared he running yet. 

BTW -  Hillary will be 68 this month, Sanders is 74, and Biden will be 73 in November.  THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS CHAOS you won't hear about on ABC or NBC or CBS or CNN, and for sure not on MSNBC.  Even FOX isn't mentioning that the average of the Democrat contenders is over 71-1/2. That's chaos, when your fall-back second string is a woman who said she was 1/32 Indian to get into college as a minority (Fauxahauntas Elizabeth Warren), and that fat, over-the-hill climate change blowhard, Al Gore.


As an aside, Al Gore would be a fun candidate and a gift to the Republican candidate.  The following came from assorted fact checking sites, and the numbers are from 2006.... but the hypocrisy is still a million megawatts bright:
At about 10,000 square feet, Al Gore’s home is a little less than four times the size of the average new American home built in 2006.  The Associated Press reviewed the Gores’ energy bills and reported that the family consumed 191,000 kilowatt-hours in 2006.  Gore’s average monthly electric bill topped $1,359.
In contrast, the Crawford ranch belonging to George and Laura Bush was about 4,000 square feet and was described in a newspaper article as follows:

“The 4,000-square-foot house is a model of environmental rectitude.  Geothermal heat pumps located in a central closet circulate water through pipes buried 300 feet deep in the ground where the temperature is a constant 67 degrees; the water heats the house in the winter and cools it in the summer. Systems such as the one in this “eco-friendly” dwelling.  Wastewater from showers, sinks and toilets go into purifying tanks underground and is used with collected rainwater as irrigation. Water for the house comes from a well.  Bush’s house was designed to be a money saver — and a water saver.  Systems such as the one in this “eco-friendly” dwelling use about 25 percent of the electricity that traditional heating and cooling systems utilize.”
The Democrats are still using those old chestnuts 'THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON WOMEN' and the 'REPUBLICAN ARE THE PARTY OF THE RICH'  (Seven of the 10 richest members of Congress are Democrats).  And they will never turn loose of the race card.  In my mind, this should be wearing thin with people with a brain the size of a pea....but then, these are the same people who can't name the Vice President of the United States, when stopped on the street and asked.

Check out the picture below and talk to me about chaos.... yup - CHAOS MAY JUST BE A GOOD THING!

Friday, October 9, 2015


As a Conservative, the last seven years have been very difficult for me.  As a Constitutionalist - they have been pure HELL.  I have watched the 'fundamental change of America' that Barack Obama promised.  I have watched a president rule this nation like a king, rather than a servant of the people, and Congress has made no attempt to restrain him.

In the beginning, the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate.  There was no way to stop Obama.  Obamacare was signed into law on March 23, 2010.

In 2010, I was thrilled when the Republicans won control of the House of Representatives.  They had campaigned to repeal Obamacare.  Pfffffttttttttttttt.  

In 2012, Obama won re-election, running against a candidate chosen for the Republicans by the press and the Rinos that ran the party.  The Republicans DID pick up additional seats in the House but they were hamstrung because Harry Reid and the Dems still had the majority in the Senate.

2014 - the Republicans took control of the Senate and I breathed a sigh of relief.  FINALLY WE CAN BLOCK OBAMA'S SOCIALIZATION OF AMERICA!   Pfffffffftttttttttttttt!  They have done NOTHING - nothing at all but whine that anything they do will be vetoed by the President.  SO WHAT!  MAKE HIM VETO!  But control of an 'EQUAL' branch of the government by the Republicans has been a waste of time.  

We all know why neither the House nor the Senate will stop Obama's insane power grab.  I will not go there - no need.

That's the backstory, and I know I'm not alone in my angst and anger over what is happening to the country I love so much.

The 2016 election cycle began (and yes, we are perpetually IN an election cycle all the time) and along comes Donald Trump.  I've known who he was forever.  He a businessman who knows how to get things done.  He's made millions of dollars, LOST millions of dollars, and then made millions more.  He's a negotiator, he's confident, he's used to telling people what to do and EXPECTING it to be done.  He's NOT a Washington insider, tho he's worked the system to his advantage.  (Can you blame him?  He's sure not the only businessman to donate to both political parties for his benefit down the road!)

Trump has tapped into my anger with the status quo in Washington.  He makes me feel like maybe there is a chance to save this country.  He's not a politician.  He's using his own money to run for president.  He's positive.... he loves this country.... he sees all the waste in government and that waste is the antithesis of good financial practices.  I believe he can change that.  HE IS A BUSINESSMAN.... we NEED that now - especially now, when 1/4 of all Americans able to work ARE NOT WORKING.  He is a job creator.



And THAT is why he will get my vote!