Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm home today and watching the rioting in Egypt. It started me thinking....... and I do not like where my logic has taken me.

My prediction is - we will be engaged in World War lll by 2025 - and the United States will be aligned with Russia, India and China against radical Islam.

Think about it.... we seem to be losing Egypt as an ally before our very eyes; Tunisia is a possible loss (government is currently friendly to the United States); we have lost Iran, and when we pull out of Iraq, Iraq will possibly join Iran for religious reasons; Gaza is gone; and Lebanon; Pakistan is teetering; Afghanistan is a joke. Our other allies in the region - Saudi Arabia (who has no military), Dubai (very little strategic to offer), Turkey (who used to be a staunch ally but is now leaning away from us).... are Muslim nations and will most likely side with the Middle East because of geography, if not religious reasons.

At some point, those in charge here are going to realize that the only solution will be pre-emption... we cannot sit idly by and allow radicals to rule. I think China, India, and Russia will agree and will align with us........ as well as Israel, who will have no other option.

Russia is already having serious problems with Chechnya; China is having trouble with Muslim Uighurs; India is projected to have a Muslim population of about 236 million in 2030 and there is much unrest between the Muslims there and the Hindus.

Because of geography, the U.S. isn't in danger of an 'invasion' - no need for that. We are permitting a peaceful Muslim invasion with our immigration laws and then allowing the creep of Sharia Law because of political correctness.

It's coming. Scary thoughts......... really scary.

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