Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last night on The Five [5:00 on FNC] one of the five co-hosts, Greg Gutfeld (center below) called the media Obama's 'SCANDAL CONDOM', because they prevent anything from getting through to touch him.  Greg said they carry more water for Obama than a fleet of camels.  I almost fell out of my chair!

I soooo wish I had thought of that myself!  It's the perfect description of what's become of the mainstream media.



  1. Back in the day, we used to deride the old Soviet newspaper, Pravda, which means "truth" in English. Pravda was the exemplar of a state propaganda engine posing as a newspaper. Soviet broadcasting was no better. In the US today we are headed in the same direction with this difference: the media industry is putting on the shackles and muzzles voluntarily in the name of Progressivism. Obama is getting a free ride as he is one of them, but nothing will change when he's gone. His successor, certain to be a Democrat, will get the same protection.

  2. You're right in more ways than one.... the only place we can find out the truth about this administration is in the FOREIGN press.... Canada Free Press, UK Daily Mail, UK Telegraph, AL JAZEERA!!!

  3. It is sad when you learn the news from out of the country sources