Tuesday, September 3, 2013



W:  Howdy….

O:  George, uh... This is Barack.....how are you?  How's the family?

W:  We're all good, Barry.  Hope all is great with you and Michelle.  What's happening?

O:  Well, uh...I'm sure you're aware of ..uh...the problems in Syria.  John and Lindsey were here yesterday ...uh.. to talk about it.  They are ...uh... in favor of my plan of attack and they will be ...uh... speaking out in support.  Uh.... I'll be meeting with other congressional leaders later ...uh... today.  I was hoping I could ...uh... fly you back to D.C. for a sit-down with me here in ...uh... the Oval Office ... get your input.

W:  Well, Barry....  I appreciate you thinking of me, and I've sorta been following this for the last two years, since you drew that first red line in the sand.  My thoughts on all this would be.... that I should keep my thoughts to myself.  This debacle is the only thing you haven't blamed me for in the last five years, and I plan to keep it that way.  Besides, I'm playing golf today.  Have a fun day, ya hear!  *click*

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  1. Since I posted this bit of fiction, Obama's minions have actually come out and BLAMED GEORGE BUSH FOR THE MESS IN SYRIA! *shakes head*