Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The news media are publishing story after story about this years Congressional Democrats who are up for election/re-election running away from Obama and his policies.  Yet as the November 4 election gets closer.... it appears Barack is doing all he can to sabotage their chances of maintaining the Senate.

Comments like 'I may not be on the ballot in November BUT MY POLICIES ARE ON THE BALLOT'

or most recently telling Al Sharpton in an interview that 'people have ID and can vote'....are making it harder and harder for the Democrat candidates to put some distance between then and this failed president. [Ed. Note:  this comment also makes it harder for Dems to say requiring ID is racist!  LMAO]

Why?  Why would he do this?

Any honest American who has been paying attention for six years KNOWS that everything Obama has touched has turned to shit.
  • The economy is NOT rebounding! 
  • Unemployment is NOT better (while the percentage of unemployed is quite low, there are twice as many people NOT working now than on January 20, 2009, when Obama too office - they have simply stopped looking for work are are NOT counted in that unemployment figure.
     For every ONE job created under Obama, 75 people went on food stamps
  • The Affordable Care Act is NOT affordable and is NOT saving Americans any money
  • The world does NOT love us now because of Obama - our enemies are still our enemies and our FRIENDS no longer trust us.... 
  • Our veterans are dying waiting for an appointment at a VA hospital
  • Race relations in America are worse than six years ago
If I were a Democrat I'd be making tracks AWAY from Obama, too!

I'll tell you why I think Obama is torpedoing his own party.  The answer is 'the Gingrich Revolution!  Clinton got in big trouble with the economy in the first two years of his first term.  In 1994 the Republicans, led by Newt, hit the campaign trail with the Contract With America.... and they had a massive takeover of Congress.  Under the Republicans, government spending decreased, job creation in the private sector soared, and income for working Americans rose, and partly because of the work requirement to receive public assistance - unemployment fell like a rock.

AND BILL CLINTON GOT ALL THE CREDIT BECAUSE HE WAS THE PRESIDENT!!!  Today, the Dems tout his presidency for all the things the REPUBLICANS made happen.  

Barack's presidency is in the toilet and his legacy may be written on toilet paper unless something happens in the next two years to turn this nation around.

Could it be..... could it HAPPEN again with the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress?  COULD IT BE THAT OBAMA WANTS THE REPUBLICANS TO WIN SO SAVE HIS PRESIDENCY?

BINGO!  There would be two scenarios if the Republicans win the Senate and hold the House...... a repeat of the Gingrich revolution where Americans go back to work....... AND OBAMA GETS THE KUDOS..... or..... Obama's presidency gets the big flush.... FOR WHICH HE CAN BLAME THE REPUBLICANS 100%.....  In either scenario, Obama will be treated much more kindly by the historians than he would if history were written today.....

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

As an aside - even the magic of the Republicans cannot undo the damage from Operation Gunrunner, the slaughter of Americans in Benghazi, and the IRS scandal!