Monday, December 29, 2014


This is one of the most insightful and frightening articles I have EVER read on the state of blacks in America.  The author is a criminal public defender - a liberal man trying to be what HE believes is his 'liberal' duty.  This man walks the walk... and exposes many of the problems we face as a nation.
As a young lawyer, I believed the official story that blacks are law abiding, intelligent, family-oriented people, but are so poor they must turn to crime to survive. Actual black behavior was a shock to me.
The black men who become my clients also do not work. They get social security disability payments for a mental defect or for a vague and invisible physical ailment. They do not pay for anything: not for housing (Grandma lives on welfare and he lives with her), not for food (Grandma and the baby-momma share with him), and not for child support. When I learn that my 19-year-old defendant does not work or go to school, I ask, “What do you do all day?” He smiles. “You know, just chill.” These men live in a culture with no expectations, no demands, and no shame.

 Read the lengthy but EXCELLENT article here:


  1. So very sad. I'm going to try and share the confessions of the P.D.

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