Friday, February 20, 2015


Anyone with a LENOVO computer needs to jump on this - You MAY have 'superfish' tracking software which can UNSECURE a secure website.... google Lenovo Superfish to see the excrement hitting the oscillating device on this one....

See Lenovo's entire announcement at this link:

In our effort to enhance our user experience, we pre-installed a piece of third-party software, Superfish (based in Palo Alto, CA), on some of our consumer notebooks.  The goal was to improve the shopping experience using their visual discovery techniques.
 In reality, we had customer complaints about the software.   We acted swiftly and decisively once these concerns began to be raised.  We apologize for causing any concern to any users for any reason – and we are always trying to learn from experience and improve what we do and how we do it. We stopped the preloads beginning in January.  We shut down the server connections that enable the software (also in January), and we are providing online resources to help users remove this software.  
Finally, we are working directly with Superfish and with other industry partners to ensure we address any possible security issues now and in the future.  Detailed information on these activities and tools for software removal are available here:


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