Monday, October 12, 2015


Well, this next Presidential election, should we have one, is going to be an outright referendum on the intelligence of the liberal voter.

But before I explain myself, I want to review a conversation that Rush Limbaugh had with a former die-hard Obama supporter. I mean, this caller had bought Obama’s krap hook line and sinker, and when Rush asked what had changed the callers mind about Obama, the man, who was white, was pretty clear on the issue. 1 - Neither he nor any of his fellow leftists realized what was involved in turning control of the nation over to an abject fool and 2 - Nobody the caller knew that voted for Obama could have fathomed that Obama would have been so self-centered, anti-American, racist and incompetent. I would say that the caller was legitimate, but my question would have been “why? Why did you not realize the pain of the shift to socialism? And why would you have believed anything else about Obama.


The caller was fully cognizant of how much his confession made him look, like a fool. He acknowledged that nothing about Obama indicated that he would be more or better than he was. In the end, the caller was ashamed and embarrassed and was never voting leftist again. 

One living voter down.

When Hillary first declared (the first of three times in this election cycle) that she was running, a woman caller to one of the shows said that she wasn’t automatically going to vote for Hillary because she was a woman. Have you seen her polling demographics? Women are voting for her because she is a woman.  (On the other hand, she only has 27% of male support.  Could it be because women ‘feel’ and men ‘think’?)

So, the left is going to have a choice between three old, white losers that have never accomplished shit in their lives (O’Malley and Webb don’t stand a chance).

Bernie Sanders is a crank, who other than write a really bad porno book in the style of Hunter S. Thompson at his worst, has been on a government payroll, almost exclusively that of Vermont, a state about the size of a small Kansas County. He openly identifies as a socialist which is why he aligns himself with the Democrats. Never done a thing in the real world.

Joe Biden, bless his soul and the personal tragedy he has been through, is a bonehead. Touted as a foreign affairs expert (in fact, Obama said prior to his first inauguration that he picked Biden because of his foreign policy experience) Biden’s knowledge of foreign affairs is limited to knowing where ‘foreign’ is. Other than being a lawyer, being born to and later marrying into privilege, since 1972 he has been a US senator or the VP, again living off of the public dime. Five minutes in a room with Joe and you would need to open a window to replenish the oxygen. The man is an idiot without Obama’s cunning and traitorous streak.

Other than being Bill’s wife, Hillary was an attorney at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since her marriage to Slick Willie she has lived off of your tax dollar. She did sit on the board of Walmart before she became anti-corporation and the Arkansas board of education, for which Arkansas has yet to forgive her (and rightfully so).

So, the left has three viable candidates (for the left), geriatrics all, who don’t know shit about the real world, have never done shit (at least correctly), and lived off of your dollar for the bulk of their non-productive adult years. And this is where it bears repeating; BEING PRESENT DOES NOT MEAN YOU DID ANYTHING. I will be in the same house as my vacuum cleaner today, but I don’t intend to DO anything. Biden being responsible for Obama’s domestic policies is not something I would write home about. Being the most investigated CANDIDATE in the history of the nation is not an accomplishment, nor either is being a New England whack job.

By contrast the Republicans have the top three (this week) contenders for the GOP. A renowned brain surgeon. The most successful real estate tycoon in the history of the nation (yes, I understand that he had a few companies that went bankrupt for a variety of reasons), which we shouldn’t hold against him as we as a nation are already bankrupt), and one of the most legally impressive minds even by the socialists' standards (most notably Alan Dershowitz). Although an attorney, Ted Cruz actually has numerous accomplishments to his name, far more than those of his democrat party rivals. And, Cruz actually is a true constitutionalist and constitutional lawyer and professor (unlike what Obama CLAIMED to be).

Now, the referendum to which I referred; if you are a die-hard liberal, and MUST vote liberal, and I understand that you are, that despite ALL of the history of liberalism and ALL of the failure and ALL of the lack of accountability and ALL of the lack of leadership…….if you feel like you have to vote liberal, then do it.

Tell yourself that you are not voting for the woman and then move out and pull the lever for a woman with no record of success.

Convince yourself that socialism, nay, communism is the solution to (rather than the cause of) most of mans’ government ailments, go vote for Bernie.

And if you want a President with whom you cannot carry on a conversation, jolt Biden back to life for a couple more years.

But DO NOT PRETEND that you are voting for the best person for the job.  Just admit it; you are a liberal, and an accomplished person at the controls of this AMTRACK train wreck is not important…..just admit it. Show the world that a full half of the U.S. voting public are not to be trusted with leading a day to day life, and are more than willing to double down on failure.
Don’t be shamed into being smart, into being responsible, informed……don’t let anyone convince you that your specific mental defect is not to be celebrated. Don’t let anyone try to make you think, to reason, to be intelligent, to make a smart choice. It would be unseemly, undignified.
Now, I said it was a referendum on the left, but it has implications for everyone… but mainly for the United States of America.

Go forward, be a dumbass…..don’t let the nation down.

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