Friday, December 11, 2015


Finally - a candidate NO ONE OWNS.  Self-financed, Trump has thus far spent less than $300,000 in his run for the presidency.  Every few days, he will say something and the press AND THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES will jump all over him, but to no avail.  Trump continues his rise in the polls and the RINOs and the media become more incredulous AND MORE AGGRESSIVE IN TRYING TO TAKE HIM OUT.

This past week, they all thought they had him...

The Media has their panties in a bunch because Trump wants to stop allowing Muslims into the USA until they can be properly and THOROUGHLY vetted. The press is screaming.... but hey, so are Trump's REPUBLICAN opponents.....

Lindsey Graham said to tell Trump to go to hell;

Jeb Bush: Trump’s comments about a Muslim registry are “abhorrent” [12/8]

"It violates the Constitution. It places a religious test. And it isn’t the best way to do this,” Rubio said in a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt [on 12/8].

Fiorina: "Trump's call to ban Muslims violates Constitution" [12/8]

John Kasich: "Donald Trump’s Muslim ban ‘doesn’t represent what we are’ "[12/9]  (I'm sick to death of this 'not who we are' line.  We better CHANGE who the hell we are or we are gonna be NO MORE!!!)

Seems Donald Trump may be the only one besides Ted Cruz who knows WHAT THE LAW ALLOWS when it comes to keeping people from entering our country.....

Ummmmm.... can you say 'oops' - not only does the law ALLOW what Trump wants to do (stop all incoming Muslims temporarily), the law allowing this was passed in 1952 by a Democrat Congress and signed by a Democrat president...and if was USED in 1979-1980 BY JIMMY CARTER (D) to 1 - block all Iranians from entering the country during the hostage crisis and 2 - to round up, register, and DEPORT Iranians who were here on expired or NO visas.......

Seems the more outrageous Trump sounds, the more he's proven to know what he's talking about. This last round of head spinning only showed that all those lawyers that are presidential candidates obviously do not know the law.... and the mainstream media sure doesn't know the law NOR AMERICAN HISTORY.

One more observation on this and its impact on the Republican race. Several of the candidates responded to questions from the press with condemnation of Trump and by saying what he wants to do is unconstitutional. In retrospect they have been proven to NOT know immigration law.

A better response to the press questions would have been: 'I didn't hear what Mr. Trump said, and you folks from the media have been known to misquote ALL OF US, so I will hold my response until I have heard exactly what Trump said.'

Sadly, the Republican candidates are so eager to please the media in hopes of being loved by them (ask John McCain how THAT worked out) that they are making fools out of themselves. 

Just an observation. Hillary and Barack think the Republicans are their enemy and have said as much - but the enemy of the Republicans is, and always will be, the media. It's time they learned that and LIVED THAT.

Below is an audio of THE LAW that would indeed allow President Trump to do exactly what he says.   


  1. Nobody called the Peanut Boob(Carter) a racist when he blocked Iranians from coming to America.

  2. I feel so very sorry for you. You people who are supporting this buffoon are fools. Trump is a racist just like his father. If it wasn't for his father receiving government money he would have never earned his millions. The only thing trump has done is inherit 300+ million dollars along with other assets. Trump is not presidential material. Not even close! You people are fools to think that he can "make america white again" there is NO going back in time there is only progression or regression. Trump and his moronic followers are going the wrong direction.
    It will all work out come November, Trump has NO women vote, NO black vote and NO hispanic vote that means NO presidency then he and his well to do family can disappear.

  3. Trump is a billionaire and that is all you can come up with as his "good actions"! My list is bigger and I am poor! Trump and his supporters should be ashamed of the list of "Actions"!