Monday, January 11, 2016


I’m not a movie goer – I gave that up once my brain was fully formed.  But I glanced at the article on Drudge this morning about the Golden Globe winners…. I recognized 14 names of actors/actresses in the first 8 categories – mostly ones who had been around and are now in ‘supporting roles’.  In fact, the last movie I PAID to see was The Devil Wears Prada, and it actually didn’t suck.  But that was  before I started paying attention to what TV and movie headliners said OFF screen…. Now I vote for best movie with my wallet - I don't go TO, nor do I RENT movies. (Well, I make an exception for Clint Eastwood and a few other Republicans.)  I have, on occasion, let an advertiser know that I refuse to buy their product because of some show they sponsor.  I'm sure they don't care but it makes me feel better.

Having said that....

Here is something that cracks me up……I mean, think about it.  All of these ‘famous’ people that think that their opinion matters. There is a level of arrogance there that rivals Obama’s.

Rosie O’Donnell SWEARS that if Trump is elected that she will leave the country and never return…..and she MEANS it this time, unlike when she made that promise with George Bush.

Joy Behar has stated that she would vote for a rapist and any liberal as long as he works for womens’ rights (I do not know how Behar defines a woman’s right is but apparently for her it is the right to broadcast herself as an idiot), which I am sure makes the rapists tickled pink.

Kathy Griffin said she wouldn’t let Dr. Ben Carson give her a PAP smear.  Apparently she thinks her brain is in her vagina.  Enough said.

Kanye West will leave the US if a conservative gets elected as President.

Sean Penn says this same thing every four years, and I have offered repeatedly to buy him a one-way ticket to ANYWHERE, as long as he renounces his American citizenship, turns in his American passport, and never comes back to the U.S.  That goes for any other Hollywood star as well, but to date – no takers.

Samuel L. Jackson bemoans the fact that the San Bernardino killers were not white.

Danny Glover embarrasses mentally handicapped people whenever he makes a public statement.

Robert Redford, Barbra Streisand, the complete photo shoot of the latest ‘People’ magazine, Stephen King, Tim McGraw, Bill Maher, just about every female in pop and country music, and anyone with a 30 minute sitcom has an opinion on significant events affecting the things in this nation that THEY helped screw up… opinion…..and nobody gives a ratz azz.

First of all, Kanye, Joy, Rosie and Whoopie aren’t going anywhere because there might be some talent required and nobody is lined up to put up with their brainless shit.  Sam Jackson, whom most people think of as a great actor, told on himself with his comment on hoping the shooters would be white. I do not know WHAT Glover’s problem is.  Maher is a thankless prick who CAN be right when he chooses, but he chooses not to be (I always thought he was a marginal comedian, but don’t put that in ‘US’ magazine). The rest of them are successful in their fields and should benefit from that……and then they should shut the hell up. 

Nobody is panicking that Kanye may go to Canada, anymore than we are panicking that the fat, disgusting, rude Michael Moore will never go BACK to Canada. Stephen King is a wickedly talented novelist and he needs to stick to that.  Most of these other assholes…..and they ARE just assholes…. don’t listen to anyone with differing attitudes, and most would be shocked to know that anyone HAS differing attitudes.

But more importantly…..who gives a krap what they think? If I had been in as many loser rolls in my chosen profession as Danny Glover, I wouldn’t show my face, let alone voice an opinion. These people contribute NOTHING to making life, society or even their ‘craft’ better……why in the hell should we care what they think about anything? Let alone things that they don’t know shit about? I am pretty sure I am not changing one damned thing about my life or world based on some unintelligible blather from Kanye.

It doesn’t matter.  THEY don’t matter.  Listening to them will make you insane because that shit is contagious.  Give them credit for their talent, but you have my permission to bitch slap them for their opinions.

[H/T to Batman]

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  1. I agree.
    Some of these people have questionable talent at best