Monday, February 8, 2016


Jeb Bush was all over Trump during the last two debates about Trump using EMINENT DOMAIN to try to take land from a 'little old lady' in New Jersey to use the property as a parking lot at a hotel he was building.  The case went to court, Trump LOST, and he walked away and moved on.  Jeb portrayed Trump as if he had TAKEN THE PROPERTY!  He lied, and he KNEW he was lying because this had been covered weeks earlier.

The eminent domain case in question can be found at the link below.

April, 1991: The Texas Rangers shepherd through the Texas legislature a bill that creates the Arlington Sports Facilities Development Authority (ASFDA), a quasi-governmental entity that is given the power of eminent domain. Shortly after the bill is signed by new governor Ann Richards, 13 acres of private property are seized for the Rangers' new ballpark, later prompting two lawsuits. 
The timeline is at the link below:

The Bush family used eminent domain to get land for the Globe Life Park baseball stadium in Arlington, Texas, where the Bush Family in general, and George W. Bush in particular, owned a part of the Texas Rangers.”  Construction was begun on April 2, 1992.

FAST FORWARD:  Seems Jeb, when he was Governor of Florida, also dragged out EMINENT DOMAIN to try to take 160 acres of swampland from an old codger who had been living on it and quietly enjoying it for years so the state could create an Everglades restoration project.  Funny how that slipped Bush's mind.


  1. For the life of me, I do not understand why Jeb is even running. I think he is the point in the Bush family tree where a chromosome got messed up.