Sunday, March 13, 2016


The Republicans on Social Security....I frankly have always found this offensive..... I am FORCED to contribute 7.5% of my salary into the non-existent 'Social Security Lock Box'..... MY MONEY I EARN!!! And one day - if I'm alive, the government will dole it back to me in quantities and for a term yet to be decided (decided not by ME but by the government) Is there anyone out there who would tolerate a bank taking part of your income, holding it for 40+ years while paying no interest, and then the bank would tell you when and how much they would send you each month? I think not!)

Kasich's proposal: John Kasich advocates means testing with reduced benefits for wealthy seniors. (THIS IS KRAP! It's OUR money, you idiot! Bill Gates paid IN - Bill Gates should GET BACK! If Gates wants to make a charitable contribution of his SS, that's HIS decision - NOT the federal government's)

Cruz's proposal: Ted Cruz suggests a different form of benefit cut, in which future retirees would receive smaller cost-of-living adjustments. (THIS IS KRAP, TOO - when's the last time you folks on SS got a COLA increase that would buy more than a 6-pack of toilet paper?)

Rubio's proposal: Marco Rubio suggests gradually raising the retirement age at which younger workers like himself become eligible for Social Security. This is effectively a cut in benefits, since retirees would have fewer years to collect. (more krapola)

Trump's proposal: Donald Trump argues against any cut in benefits or increase in taxes, instead relying on faster economic growth to close the Social Security funding gap. (A rising tide lifts all boats!)


  1. Donald Trump has the best plan.
    When we get a COLA our Medicare payment increases

  2. As a person from Europe I think that Donald Trump would be the best option.