Sunday, September 11, 2016



  1. Now hopefully we can lock her and Slick Willie up for ever

  2. Love you judge Janine¡ I dont cosuder myself racist or phobic or deplorable either. If any one is deplorable it is Hillary who still feels she has something to offer as president when she clearly broke the law and cant properly handle classified information for reasons of convience. The educated public knows better than to swallow her pack of twisted lues and half truths. If anyone is deplorable it is the uneducated voters who dont have seem to have an ounce of good sense when it comes to supporting crooked politicians. Hillary may have a vagina but that doesnt negate the fact that she should not be held accountable by the same laws that every other person in American must abide by. Her and her man whore husband are a disgrace.

  3. Seems the video above has been removed from YouTube.... nothing the left does surprises me any more. We are losing our freedom of speech more every day.

    Wake UP, people!!!!