Monday, November 14, 2016


The election in videos....

This first video came out on October 26.  Michael Moore - one of Hollywood's most liberal people, had been predicting a Trump victory for months.  It seems he is the ONLY person on the left who actually saw the writing on the wall.  The mainstream media (newspapers, commentators, pollsters) never saw a Trump victory coming.  (But it seems many people in Hillary's inner circle DID, but the Clintons ignored them because they knew better.)  Michael Moore - of all people - had tapped in to the feelings of the silent majority.

Caution:  This video contains some vile language along with the truth!

Trump was ridiculed by every possible group when he began his journey to be president.  Never has a Republican candidate had to run against Democrats, the entire media machine, and his own party!  But that never slowed Donald Trump down.

The left was completely blindsided by Trump's victory.  Actually a lot of people on the RIGHT were, too.  I mentioned on a previous blog that after watching Michael Moore, I had a gut feeling Trump would win.

The reaction of the left is both amazing and disgusting.  We have raised a generation of YOUNG PEOPLE who have been coddled and sheltered and NEVER TAUGHT TO DEAL WITH LOSING.  Think about this for a moment.... how many parents out there have children with 'participation trophies' in their kids' rooms???  Remember when they were young and played sports.... and no one kept score?  Remember when schools used to have a Valedictorian and a Salutatorian in their senior classes?  But no longer, because it hurts the feelings of those who did NOT get that honor.  It doesn't matter that some students worked their asses off to EARN that honor.  We cannot hurt other, less bright or studious kids.... so no one is honored and no one learns but value of busting their butt to succeed.  And then these kids are dumped into the real world... some make it to college, where they need a 'safe space' to go where no one hurts their feelings, or they are in the real world where you have to actually work for a living, and they are totally unprepared for THAT sort of competition.

Those are many of the people you see in the next two videos - millennials unable to cope with loss or defeat - coming unglued because they did not get their way.  We are turning our children into weak, pathetic whiners, and I'm thinking it's too late to change that..... many of these kids will be facing a lifetime of valium, prozac and paxil.

More of the same............

TRUMP WINS!  And O'Reilly explains why...

This lady speaks for me.... I share her happiness!

One last high five for the new direction of our country.  The good Lord has given America one more chance.  I pray Trump runs with it.... he has MY support!


  1. Right on S.B., but now the reince priebus thing has me very he gonna drag that sad old bullshit baggage into the new cabinet??? with 40 k RINO's in tow??? very disturbing prospect!!

    Nice job on this BLOG, I love it!!!

    Take care.... your's....M.M.

  2. God has put Pro Life,Pro Constitution in the ofice of president.
    I pray that he leads America well.