Saturday, July 23, 2011


Poor Johnboy – when it rains it pours.  On Thursday, the Federal Election Commission voted unanimously to require former Sen. (Vice-Presidential AND presidential candidate) John Edwards’ presidential campaign committee to repay $2.3 million, mostly in federal matching funds it received after he pulled out of the race in January 2008. 

But the FEC audit adds up to one more problem for Edwards.  Last month he was indicted on federal charges that he used nearly $1 million in campaign contributions to keep secret an affair.  Sure hope she was worth it.  It would be a shame if Edwards had to sell his sprawling house to raise the funds.  The 28,200-square-foot structure outside Chapel Hill is Orange County's most valuable. 

Edwards made his money as an ambulance-chasing  personal injury lawyer. His deceased wife was also an attorney.

Remember his campaign slogan about the ‘TWO AMERICAS’… well, he definitely doesn’t live in my America.  But he may get a chance yet to see how the other half lives.

Judge Andrew Napolitano (a FNC legal analyst) spoke [about Edward’s] “incredible fall from grace” and said that the government’s case is so strong, regardless of a plea or trial, Edwards is likely to be behind bars for at least some time.

Napolitano considered this to be a “classic case of the misuse of federal campaign funds” and combined with the charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, the judge concluded:
"He’s facing two five-year charges. The evidence of guilt on both is overwhelming. He’s facing ten years in jail. In our federal system you serve 85% of the time. You’re talking eight and a half years in jail for someone who ran for President twice."
We’ll see.

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