Friday, July 13, 2012


Ryan Bomberger was designed to create. He is an Emmy® Award-winning Creative Director who continually marvels at how powerfully design can communicate. He is nationally known for his bold anti-abortion billboard/web campaigns and his amazing story of adoption. Ryan also writes a popular weekly thought-provoking blog for that unapologetically challenges the status quo. His concern about social issues runs deeper than the horrific issue of abortion. As a long-time mentor in inner-city programs and active volunteer in community outreaches, Ryan has been attuned to the human impact of destructive social policies. He exposes the lunacy of liberalism while never hesitating to criticize conservatism when it fails. Ryan considers himself an equal-opportunity-scrutinizer. emerged from his desire to just say it! Too often, the ever oxymoronic state of political correctness, prevents people from saying what they’re thinking–even when they have the truth to back it all up. As someone who is as black as Obama, he (unlike the President) values racial reconciliation and harmony, very limited government, free speech, free markets, and human rights for the most defenseless among us (the unborn). Ryan doesn’t rely upon political solutions for most social ailments; that gives too much credit and power to politicians. People need to be engaged on all levels…in their families, their communities, their churches and civic organizations, their schools, and their government.

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  1. I believe Ryan Bomberger to be a man of principal, who doesn't let his "color(s)" speak for him. Unlike the NAACP, who even admitted, albiet in the shadows, they were very disappointed when Obama skipped their event and sent in a pinch hitter, none other than the whitest man on the planet, Joe Biden. However, when they spoke publically about Obama's failure to appear, it was openly stated they would still be voting for him, even if for his race only. Obama is confidant that all Black Americans will follow suite.
    In my humble opinion, is the defination of racism. Does Obama supports the division of the races? Oh no, he actually creates the divide.