Friday, August 31, 2012


The balloons have all fallen, and confetti covers the floor at the Convention Center in Tampa.  Places like that are like old actresses – they look better from afar in a no-so-searing light.  The Republicans finished their hurricane shortened convention with much fanfare.  I feel good about our ticket.  I think we have a chance to win.

I listened to every speech.  It was an uplifting event (tho I really wanted some red meat thrown to the lions) and there was a huge attempt to point out the diversity within the party.  And there IS diversity.  There are currently only two Democrat women serving as governors – Christine Gregoire of Washington (who will apparently not seek a third term) and Bev Perdue in North Carolina.  Ole Bev isn’t running for re-election, and I suspect it’s at the ‘suggestion’ of Obama.  The Republican candidate, Pat McCory (former Charlotte mayor) is up by 12 points against the Democrat Lt. Governor.  There are four Republican women governors - Jan Brewer (AZ), Susana Martinez (NM - an Hispanic lady BTW), Mary Fallin (OK) and Nikki Haley (SC - Indian heritage). 

There was a vast variety of speakers over the three nights and not one asked for free birth control.  Rather, they almost all had a story to tell of what America WAS and can be again.  Except for Clint Eastwood – who had the crowd rolling in the aisles.  The left is all over him today about his bad speech, but frankly, he MADE MY DAY! (What?  HE can’t do that to himself‼‼  Shut up.)

Marco Rubio…. Ahhhhhh yes.  His speech (and his introduction of Romney) was stellar, but I’m biased.  He would sound great reading my grocery list.  He and Paul Ryan are just two of the rising start for the Republicans, and they will run circles around the likes of Sandra Fluke.  Last I heard, the Democrat Convention theme will be:  IT’S ABOUT ABORTION, STUPID!  We know it certainly will not be about the Obama administration’s record – otherwise, their party in Charlotte wouldn’t last an hour, let alone three days.

Romney’s speech – his introduction to the people of this country – covered all the bases about who he is and what he wants to achieve.  He’s no Ronald Reagan at the podium but he’s a good and decent man.  In my opinion, his best line, which sums him up had to do with Obama promising to lower the oceans and save the planet.  Romney simply wants ‘to help you and your family achieve your dreams.’  Well said, Mitt.

Game on.

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