Saturday, August 25, 2012


Why in the world, with all that is happening in our nation today, and in the world today, would the President of the United States say that a top priority in a second term (Lord spare me) would be “climate change”.  [1] How about, and I am just winging it here, how about terrorism, the debt, the deficit, military preparedness, JOBS, the economy in general, illegal immigration (if there even IS such a thing anymore), voter fraud (not sure the left wants to touch THAT one), infrastructure, fuel prices, developing our own, realistic fuel resources……..I mean seriously, pick a REAL topic that actually exists and affects us….but climate change?  Seriously?

Why does the left keep re-visiting abortion, as if it is a lynchpin of our society?  Grow up you socialists……everyone on the right realizes that abortion is here to stay……why do you continue to re-visit it, over and over and fuckingover again?  And why do you continue to cast the right as a movement that is out to overturn Roe v. Wade?  Nobody thinks that is going to happen.  And why do you continue to cast every effort, every objection, every contrary opinion as an assault on your views?  Why can I not have a different opinion than you without offending you?  I saw an article that one of you posted about the horror of being a woman with an unwanted pregnancy prior to Roe v. Wade, and how horrific it was to get an abortion.  Really?  How often are we going to re-visit this shit?  We have heard enough of the anecdotal coat hanger in dirty ally’s stories.  Why keep doing it?  Why keep the myth alive that the right wants to interfere with your activities in the bedroom?  Hell, most of us wish you would padlock yourself in your bedroom and do whatever the hell you want, just keep us out of it.

And I think I know the answer…..and we can use the record of the current administration as an example.  There is no question (at least in the mind of a thinking American), that Obama cannot run on a record of success.  So what is next?  Romney is a felon (false), Romney has not paid taxes (false), the economy is improving (false), unemployment is improving (false)…..and a host of other lies from the administration.  So, let’s trot out a 40 year old argument for abortion like we are still arguing for, or against, abortion. Or, women’s right to vote……did I miss something in my Constitutional Law classes…..don’t women have the right to vote?  Help me if I am wrong.  And how EXACTLY do photo ID requirements to vote discriminate against anyone?  I give up and the government cannot tell us or they would do it (I would hope).  Oh, and while I am thinking of it……guess where my polling place is….in my precinct in North Carolina …….THE METHODIST CHURCH.  Where is the Freedom from Religion Foundation on this issue?  Or, in all of the other religious locations, and there are plenty, that are polling places?

You know, the President said this past week that the one thing you learn as the President is that you can’t just make stuff up.  Well, I for one am shocked that it took him becoming President to learn that lesson; most of us learn that far earlier in our development.  But what amazes me more is that he would say that, even as he and his surrogates are doing exactly that.  They make shit up out of whole cloth constantly.  As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a single thing that the President or his surrogates have said in the last three years that was the truth.  Did you hear the interview [2] with Debbie Wasserman-batshitcrazy-Schultz?  She was speaking with Anderson Cooper, who is a screaming liberal in his own right but a fairly adequate journalist by CNN standards, and she was using an LA Times article to support her argument that the GOP platform plank on abortion was written at the direction of Romney.  I searched for and read the article, and the article says no such thing.  Copper called her out on her lie, and in the end her response was basically that the truth didn’t matter, you could INFER that Romney directed the party insert the language into the party platform.  She just lied, or as the President said, made stuff up.  And when caught in the lie on national TV (I am not sure we can refer to CNN as national TV any longer……I think they have 15 viewers, making them about three viewers over MSNBC), she segued to the position that what the article said doesn’t matter, that she was telling the truth.  She was LYING.  And she is so bad a liar that we no longer even pause to consider it….I automatically assume that she is just lying.

Why do you on the left persistently do this?

The President said that Mitt Romney said that classroom size is not important to learning.  [3] Actually what he said is that Romney said “it don’t matter”.  Now - can you imagine Romney saying “it don’t matter”?  Romney isn’t from the thuggish streets of Chicago.  He can articulate in proper English without a teleprompter.  What Romney said was that, when he was governor of Massachusetts, he was told the same thing.  So, he gathered information and facts (a key element in all legitimate problem solving) and surveyed classroom size throughout the state.  And he discovered that classroom size MAY be AN issue, but was certainly not THE issue in school performance.  As a matter of fact, the one school district that spent the most money per student and had the smallest classroom size had the worst performance.  So Romney, rightly, concluded that classroom size was not THE problem.  He never said “it don’t matter”.  That statement by the President was a lie.  Why do you on the left insist on doing that?

And I know that these seem like little things.  But they are INTENTIONAL things.  The President INTENTIONALLY misquoted Romney, Wasserman-Batshit INTENTIONALLY misquoted the LA Times.  These are lies of commission, they are intentional lies.

So the left lives in a past that is just that, the past.  “This is what a woman’s life was before abortion was legal!!!”  Big fucking deal.  That was forty years ago - get over it.  And, oh by the way, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, as liberal as she is, was AGAINST legal abortion until she was convinced that it would not disproportionately affect the African American population (which was exactly what the proponent of legal abortion, Margaret Stanger, had intended).  Once she was convinced, Ruthie changed her position and guess what?  African American’s avail themselves to legal abortion in disproportionate numbers than the rest of the population.  Obama’s dream for this nation is a dream of the past, of rectifying past sins, long since rectified.  The left lives in the past…..because they have no plan for the future.

And this is key…..I asked up front why the left keeps re-visiting abortion….and you can substitute anything, any topic you like, and I think that the answer is this.  They have no plan for the real future, the real issues.  Climate change?  Seriously?  And the left is terrified of Romney / Ryan, because they want to talk about the actual issues.  They are terrified of Ryan because he tells the truth on the fiscal issues, and if he gets it wrong, he at least wants to talk about it.  They are terrified of Romney because he actually has experience in the real world, because there is a real chance that he can do something positive for the nation.  And this administration can’t handle that - they cannot deal with it, because they do not have a message that resonates with Americans.

H/T to my mentor, Batman.... you rock!

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  1. Amen You hit the nail on the head