Wednesday, September 26, 2012


For the past two weeks, Obama has continued to say that the problems in the Middle East are because of ‘THE VIDEO’.  Officials in Libya said it was an act of terrorism within 36 hours of the attack.  Still Barry, Hillary and Susan Rice (who can in no way be related to Condi Rice) continued to blame ’THE VIDEO’.  The Obama administration, including the sock puppet Jay Carney has finally come around to conclude that the attacks WERE in fact an act of terror.  But the anointed one, as recently as yesterday in his speech at the United Nations, CONTINUES to blame ‘THE VIDEO’ for the deaths of four Americans and all the flaming unrest in the Middle East.


This is the most brilliant man to draw breath in my lifetime.  Why does he continue to bring up ‘THE VIDEO’ as a straw man?  Because Obama is a brilliant POLITICIAN.
Last night on Fox News, Steve Hayes nailed it.

One of Obama’s first ‘declarations’ after taking office was to ban the use of the words ‘War on Terror’ and ‘terrorist’.  Obama does NOT want to be seen ON TAPE using either word. 

Somehow in his warped, narcissistic mind, Obama believes that if he doesn’t use any form of the word ‘terror’, the idiots in this country won’t know that his foreign policy is in shambles and that we are in more danger than ever before.

But Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.  Oh goody.  I feel safe.


  1. Please forgive me for being horribly off topic but did Blondie or any of her babies return this year?

  2. Most definitely she came back and brought her family - and had another family. We had over 50 hummingbirds with us this summer and easily 8-10 males and females had the same golden head feathers as blondie - they were drinking 1-1/2 - 2 GALLONS of 'nectar' a day, and they particularly loved a 'cold' refill late on the hot afternoons.... that was Happy Hour and they would drain a 32 oz feeder in about 3 hours. Thankfully most have headed south and things have slowed tremendously. I'm truly afraid of how many we may have NEXT summer if these return and breed..... it's scary!

    Thanks for asking about my babies..... I'm really curious who you are now!

    Stop by again any time