Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well, folks…..tonight it is ‘game on’ in our political world.  That’s right …..the first Presidential candidate debate.  And there is a lot at stake here, and forgive me if I wax dramatic.  All of the House of Representatives are up for grabs, a third of the Senate, and the Presidency.

And make no mistake about this.  This is the most important election in our lifetime.

This election is not about the war, because we have lost that one voluntarily (funny……when we first dropped in on Afghanistan the media kept trying to make that war another Vietnam… that it IS a Vietnam….shhhhhhh).  This election is not about the economy though it is a shambles from which we are likely to not recover.  This election is not about abortion, capital punishment, Obamacare, the debt, the deficit.  It is not about the entitlement mentality, because that will never be reversed.  It is not about illegal immigration, it is not about the train wreck of our public education system, it is not about crime. It is not about any of those things.

It is about us.

It is about whether we are a people that want what I listed above.  Do we want to consciously relegate ourselves, as a nation, to a second rate world power?  I mean, we CAN…..we are doing it, but as a people, do we want that?  Do we want to be a people that just accept that we are going to be buried in debt, forever?  Because that is what we are accepting right now.  Are we willing to be a people, a nation, in which almost 50% of us pay no federal income tax, live off of the other 50%?  A nation in which the solution to that imbalance is to merely take more from that 50% that ‘have’?  That’s the nation we are now.  Do we want to be a people under Obamacare…..a system that ensures that, no matter how hard you work in life, your healthcare will be no better than that of the person that doesn’t work at all?  Do we want to be a people, a nation with no borders, no standards of who can be one of us?  I mean, I don’t want to sound arrogant or “uppity”…..but this is the 21st century, and I personally believe that if you want to come here, you should be a refugee or bring something to the party.  I detest abortion……I’ll be honest, I detest the idea but I am not going to make a decision for our nation based on that.

Do we get it?  Am I making my point?  This election is not about any single item, it SHOULD be about one single item….We the People.  Do We want to be a socialist nation?

Many of our people do.  I know people that acknowledge that Obama, Reid and Pelosi, et al, are destroying the fiber of this nation, yet they fully intend on voting for him/ them, again.  And their particular excuses (and that’s what they are….they are not reasons) vary from not being able to vote for a Mormon to conservatives being too far right of center…a point on the dial they cannot see from their precipice on the left.

This election is a referendum on the founding fathers and the genius of their creation….the Constitution.  Do we accept it as valid, or do we reject it outright.  A vote for Obama is a vote to simply relegate the Constitution to the Smithsonian.

This election is about the People we will be.


  1. "This election is a referendum on the founding fathers" EXACTLY!!!
    Every day, once in the morning on my facebook account, I put a news story out that shows the incompetency of this president, and not typing anything of an opinion on it, but strictly the link. I have been doing this the past week and will do it every day right up to election day. Because I know there are folks who don’t pay attention to what’s going on, but lean Obama’s way. My hopes are those pieces I post, wakes them up.

    As I see it, we can get ourselves out of this mess by "Getting it right" this time…. or we (as a nation) can blindly leave the country on this path.
    If he is re-elected we will either see a civil conflict to restore the republic, or civil conflict because of an economic crash of epic proportions.

  2. My first visit to your website and I read this post first.

    Thank you for putting this election into focus so succinctly!