Monday, April 1, 2013


8/2/2015:  UPDATE

In the past two weeks, edited (and full) videos have been released showing HIGH RANKING staff within Planned Parenthood literally bargaining for aborted baby body parts... haggling over prices for intact baby kidneys, or livers..... discussing how to 'crush' the baby's skull to kill it while NOT damaging the organs - which makes for a higher price on the 'tissue market'.  Below are two of these videos.  The full length videos are available on YouTube.

The 'defense' of the Planned Parenthood organization is that these videos were 'edited'.  Well, show me ONE single piece of film on any news broadcast that is NOT edited.... It cannot be done.

The sad thing about these videos and the barbarism they expose is..... NOT ONE WORD OF THIS HAS BEEN MENTIONED ON ABC, NBC, nor CBS.  These conversations make PP look like a genocide slaughter house, and of course, this does not fit the agenda of the left.  So many Americans are not aware of these horrendous acts.  This needs to be spread far and wide.... we as a nation are slaughtering future generations by aborting these babies - and they ARE babies, not tissue masses.

Birth control is available FREE to anyone just for asking..... there is no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy other than a rape or incest against a child.

Planned Parenthood is not about womens' health - it's a murder factory supported by American taxpayers

Watch the original video on this post - it's at the bottom of the page.  Watch it until the end.... THE END OF A CHILD'S LIFE!

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Abortion is the legal right for a woman to destroy the life of another person.  The left screams that a woman has a right to do what she wants to her own body.  I do not disagree.  But that tiny life growing inside her is the ‘body’ of another human and killing THAT body is, and always will be murder in my view.  Those on the left call this a ‘woman’s right to choose’.  This sounds far, far better than calling it a ‘woman’s right to murder her child.’

The left calls a fetus (they define a fetus as anything unborn) an ‘unviable tissue mass.’  That is also far less ghastly than calling it the ‘baby’ that it truly is. 

The news of the day is that Planned Parenthood – which in my opinion has zero to do with parenthood and everything to do with abortion - is saying that ‘babies born ALIVE during an abortion can still be ‘aborted’.  In other words – they can be left to die on the operating room floor FROM NEGLECT!  An infant, fighting for life, survives the butchering that is a late term abortion, and is left to die in pain and horror on the floor or in the operating room sink.  Planned Parenthood is also saying that the G.D. MOTHER should make the call about giving that infant medical care or just letting it die.  This is the same woman who wanted the child sucked out of her uterus in the first place – IMO hardly the person I would want calling if I lived or died!

If there is anyone who does not know what a LATE TERM abortion is…. let me tell you.  It’s in the last months of pregnancy, as the name implies.  The procedure is medically called ‘Dilation & Extraction’.  The woman's cervix is dilated, and the fetus is partially removed from the womb, feet first. (The doctor will insert his hand into the womb and turn the infant around so it will be removed feet first.)   The doctor then pulls the tiny baby PARTIALLY outside the mother, to the point that the head is visible but technically still ‘inside’ the mother’s body.  The surgeon inserts a sharp object (curved forceps) into the back of the fetus' head (at the base of the tiny skull), removes the object, and inserts a vacuum tube through which the brain is extracted.  The head of the fetus contracts at this point and allows the fetus to be more easily removed from the womb, thus minimizing any damage to the woman.

Fuck the damage to the child – the mother must not feel any pain!  The infant – who COULD have been a living, breathing person in most cases, is tossed into the proper waste container.

My father was born in 1944.  He was two months premature and weighed less than four pounds.  Medicine back then was NOT what it is today, but he survived, grew to be 6’5” tall, healthy and very intelligent.  But for God’s grace, a doctor back then could have tossed him in a garbage bag.

In today’s society, there would seem to be only two reasons for a female to become pregnant – and both would be against her will.  They are, of course, rape and incest.  The child that is created is no less a human being than one created in a loving relationship.  The rapist and the incestuous man should each be caught, tried and convicted, and hung in the public square as quickly as humanly possible.

There is no excuse – NO EXCUSE AT ALL – for a female to have an unwanted child in today’s world.  BIRTH CONTROL IS FREE!  There are pills, devices and implants to prevent unwanted pregnancies. 

The left says abortions should be legal and rare.  I agree.  But they are NOT.

I weep and pray for all the slaughtered babies that will never see the sun shine, or the moon rise, or hide an Easter egg, or blow out a birthday candle. 

How can a society such as ours, so advanced in every way, be so barbaric?



  1. I saw a gruesome picture once of a baby who had it's spinal cord cut with scissors at birth. Is that picture up there real??
    I can not even tell you what I think about these "women" who do this to their babies.
    My husband was born to a VERY Catholic, single woman. She moved 2 states away from her family before she started showing and gave birth to him and put him up for adoption rather than aborting him. She never even thought of aborting him even though she surely would have been shunned by her entire family for the rest of her life. In fact, even after they did find out, about 20 years later, they still admitted they would have disowned her. Why they didn't at that time 20 years later is a mystery to me.
    Anyway. Point being...what she did in order to give birth to a healthy baby and give him to a family that wanted him...THAT is a woman. These women's libbers that think murdering their own babies is being a real woman? Have had a lobotomy.

  2. I don't know if the picture is real.... I would say yes...

    Your husband is one of the fortunate ones, and while the pain of his mom giving him up must weigh on him, I hope he respects her for a very difficult decision. I can only imagine the emotional trauma a woman must go through after feeling a child alive inside her... and never holding it, feeding it, laughing with it, or living it. We MUST stop killing our babies. In my heart I know hell will be filled with women who have killed their children.

  3. *loving it* .... can't see to type for the tears

    1. He found his bio mom in 2006 and the emotional damage that giving him up has caused her is immense. She loves him so much and she prayed for him every day since he was born. It has helped him to know that it affected her so in he now knows that she loved him.
      They're both healing,'s a beautiful, slow, sometimes painful, but so worth it, process.

    2. I think the way young women are encouraged by Planned Parenthood to abort their babies is criminal. Little if any thought or counseling is given to the emotional trauma many of them suffer when the magnitude of what they've done settles in on their conscience... assuming they have one.

      Your husband is blessed to be loved by two women... the one who gave birth to him and the one who raised him. His bio-mom must have always questioned her choice but she gave him life, and she gave him A life in a time when she couldn't.... it just was NOT done then. I hope they have each forgiven the other.

  4. To anonymous.... I posted and then deleted your comment. My site is NOT a site for others to come and pump their own sites. There are plenty of places on line where you can get help moving your product - this just doesn't happen to be one.

    Besides, I found it offensive that you said you 'definitely enjoyed every little bit of it.' Either you didn't READ this post, or you're nuttier than a fruitcake. Abortion, and the seriousness of women murdering their children for convenience is NOT something a reader should enjoy.

  5. Probably a spammer! Jerks.
    I agree...those poor women who are often young and don't know much about life get talked into it. Some do it willingly but some are SO REGRETFUL and they don't get the chance to know those babies. My husband's mom made a hard but wonderful decision and she is blessed now to know him and her grandbabies. Those other women won't ever get that.

  6. Ronald Reagan was succinct and wise... he once said: "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born."