Tuesday, June 18, 2013



This will be my last update on Zynga.  The fuckers have closed their Classic version, forcing everyone to play on their 'new app' which sucks large.  The good news is any chips you have from Classic will flip to the new app.  The bad news is.... the new app has zero usable chat, the avatars are all oily looking, the pots (1st, 2nd and 3rd) are smaller than the Classic, and there is applause for EVERY winner - not just for you when you win.  It's cheesy and annoying.  The only good thing is you can delete 'buddies' individually - there was no way to do that in Classic.

Not sure the reason for this.  I read that the 11.3iOS Apple update wouldn't support a 32-bit game, and Classic was a gaming antique - nothing had been revised since I started playing over 6 years ago.

My thoughts on this action are.... when I did begin playing 6 years ago, there were almost always 250,000+ people on line playing Classic.  The gaming competition has increased, other poker games (WSOP for instance) are FAR FAR better with fewer if any bugs.  Zynga's user numbers have steadily dropped in the last couple of years, and having to divide those players between two apps was not cheap.  So rather than fix Classic, they canned it.  I don't know how many old timers there are still playing Zynga, but I for one, will NOT be there much.  The only reason I'd play is I have over a billion $ in play money so I'll play until I lose that.  

BTW - Zynga's Customer Service still sucks.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

Here's Zynga's link to their closing remarks....CUT AND PASTE TO READ


(Note - my original post  and older updates are all the way at the bottom of this page.... most recent update is at the top... hope my rants help you!)

9/2/2017 - looks like Zynga has stopped their chip spins every four hours.  That was nice to help keep some chips in your account, especially since the game is rigged.... oh well.... I'll be playing WSOP even more now.  They give you a spin every 4 hours x 4, and then you get a big spin of the roulette wheel.  And they often run specials where you can get a spin every hour for 24 hours.

Don't waste your time on Zynga Poker - the 'classic' version is full of bugs, and the new version (the one with the chip and 2 aces as the logo) is a pathetic copy of WSOP - except it's totally clumsy and NOT user friendly.



Zynga Inc
NASDAQ: ZNGA - Aug 11, 7:49 PM EDT
3.63USDPrice increase0.01 (0.28%)
After-hours3.55Price decrease2.20%
Seems their stock is up from 18 months ago but not much to get excited about.

I still play the ZYNGA CLASSIC POKER... it's a mindless time-killer, and I DO love poker... but I've mostly moved to WSOP on line... it's bug-free as far as I can tell.

But back to Zynga....and only because an odd thing happened last week..... About six months ago I started noticing players at the tables with THE SAME CHIP COUNT!  Start noticing and I promise you will see this total for players in your games!


Now that's not chump change so I noticed the player totals... in one game there were even two players with that total - one with a female and one with a male avatar... and they were chatting to the point that someone told them to 'get a room'.  Since then I've crossed paths with half a dozen others with that same total. There wasn't anything I could do to prove it but I was convinced these were Zynga plants - I mean - what else could they be?

Then last week, there was a player at my table, same chip total, and I 'outed' him as a Zynga plant...he played dumb but sent me a 'buddy add request', which I accepted.  It didn't go thru, as I suspected it would not.  He then asked me if I knew how to send messages in Zynga.... WTH?  CAN YOU SEND MESSAGES???  Didn't know you could do that but apparently there's a 'social center' in the new poker version that DOES have a messaging window.  There's also a place where you can delete buddies.  THAT'S GREAT! Anyway - he gave me his email, and I wrote him the add didn't work.  He tried again and voila - there he was at the top of my buddy list, but with a chip total in the $16,500,000,000+ range (that's BILLIONS).  I looked at his totals for a few days and they changed as if someone was just typing in random numbers.  Oh well.  He said he played in high dollar games and the chip total of $2,147,483,647 must have been a computer glitch.  He also assured me he was NOT a Zynga employee, tho he did live somewhere in California (home of Zynga is San Fran) OoooooKAY.

Long story short - after a few days, he 'removed' himself from the top of my LEADERBOARD.  At least I've now learned that I can remove people one at a time after I've added them as buddies.  But I'm still convinced he's ZYNGA... and this company has staff everywhere as game plants.  And as part of my paranoia, I'm convinced they can manipulate the games in progress.........

Having said this....... I will no longer play a 'game' where I think the people in charge are beyond dishonest.

I'd recommend anyone holding ZYNGA stock divest... but what do I know!  I DO know when I started playing this game, there were 250,000+ people online at any given time.  These days they are lucky to break 90,000... Their Classic game is full of bugs (every day there's a button you can tap to play Golden Scratches at 'Happy Hour' but when you click it, it says that the chance to play has expired. (Right now there are 99,000 players on line, but that's a COMBINED total of both the new and the classic versions)

And one last word to anyone playing the CLASSIC Zynga - if you ever buy chips, go to the NEW version (the one with the two aces and a chip as the logo) to buy them - you get lots more for your money than in the Classic game!

By the way - Zynga has copied WSOP by adding a free spin for chips every four hours.  My last spin was for $8400.  At the same time, my bonus spin on WSOP was for $297,000.  See why I switched to WSOP?

And finally for this update:  One comment about WSOP.... I've been playing that one since late in 2015.  I've never had an issue with my chip count (unlike Zynga)... I can add and delete buddies easily within the game (unlike Zynga CLASSIC - where you can't delete ANYONE, tho they HAVE put that in the Zynga newer game) In WSOP, you can be gifted chips by ALL your buddies, not just by 10 as in Zynga. I have about 70 buddies and daily I send gifts to all and receive gifts from at least 60 - and my gift total today was $206,000.  My Zynga gifts today were a whopping $20,478)  And WSOP has customer service - THAT WORKS!

Additionally, WSOP's Hold'Em tourneys have lightening fast games - too fast for chatter.  You win 'rings' for your game page, and now they have added bracelets.  There are all levels of competition, and then there are seasonal competition for special rings.  In other words, it's NOT the same dull boring game over and over and over.... I will never be convinced that Zynga is NOT rigged, and I will never be convinced that WSOP IS rigged.


I really hate to say this..... but this game is beyond rigged.  This company is desperate for income - which they can only get when player PURCHASE chips.... I've been playing Zynga Texas Hold'em for nearly three years.... when I first started playing, I bought the $.99 chip package, which I think got me $270,000 in chips .... When I first started playing, there were NEVER less than a quarter million people on line at any given time..... right now, there are 87,136 players on line.....and this is about normal. Today's stock closed at 2.23....last September it was closing around $2.49....

I really couldn't care less about their stock - I'm not an owner.  What I care about is the morality of this company.  I wrote a letter (a snail mail letter) to their corporate offices in April, 2014.... at that time my account was almost $200,000,000 in chips..... Shortly after I sent the letter, I began losing (and I'm a really good player) - losing a full house to four of a kind.... losing three kings to three aces.... what are the odds..... losing a straight flush to the 9.... to a straight flush to the Jack.... seriously?  What ARE the odds......  And then I would fold a Q3 (who wouldn't) and the board would show QQ3 on the flop..... it's enough to make you paranoid.  They DID bring back the 'Classic' version of Hold'em, and that's been a good thing.  But the game still has bugs and the company still has no programmers.  And I'd bet my game balance this gamed is rigged to make players lose so they will BUY chips...... I will NEVER buy chips, EVEN IF I LOSE EVERY SINGLE CHIP I OWN... 


And I recommend (again) if you want a really awesome BUG-FREE Hold'em game, check out World Series of Poker (WSOP)


UPDATE FOR 9/9/2015
Well - seems the programmers have finally made some progress on game bugs.  I like the latest changes..... IN THE SIT & GO TOURNEYS, YOU CAN GO TO THE TABLE YOU WANT, WITHOUT GETTING SHIFTED TO A LOWER BUY-IN - This is nice.... thanks, Zynga.

They have also changed the buy-ins... rather than a buy-in plus a fee (e.g.  $10K + $2500) there is now simply a buy-in.... great change.

Only two problems (bugs) keep creeping in:  1 - when you're in the final three players (money seats) the game suddenly says you played to slow and kicks you off the table... I HAVE found if you just hang around, you will come in SECOND and get the pot for that position.  It's messy and I'm sure it's fixable.  And 2 - sometimes you don't get the pot you win.  Recently I was in a $50K tourney and came in second ($135,000 pot).... and my total chips DROPPED by $90K.... oh well.....

Today, I'm in login Groundhog Day.... I am unable to sign in to the game.... it keeps asking for my password, I enter it, and it asks again...and again..... so I've closed my iPad.  I really miss playing while I'm having coffee.... grrrrrr

I go back to my biggest complaint... THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  The vast majority of their online forums and help pages are dated in 2013... there is NO way to reach a real person if you have an issue.  This COULD explain the following:

From Yahoo Finance (8/6/2015), a report on ZYNGA (ZNGA) PLAYER METRICS SHOWS:
   DAU (daily active users) 21 million - DOWN 23% YEAR-OVER-YEAR
   MAU (monthly active users)  83 million - DOWN 32% YEAR-OVER-YEAR

ZYNGA has been and IS in trouble....


UPDATE FOR 7/30/2015
Geez - where to begin.... I've been playing this game for over two and a half years and I can honestly say - it's been like riding an antique roller coaster.... it has its ups and downs.  On the up side, the free spin for chips once a day, and the gifts from your poker buddies are lots larger, so that helps replenish your chips faster.  Another good thing...... hang on - I'll think of something.... ummmmm.... dang, can't think of a single positive thing.  The down side is still down - either the company's programmers are still back in the 90's, or they are unqualified..... or they are just plain non-existent.  You would think in the year 2015 you could get to the table you want when playing a tournament.  You join a tournament based on the 'buy-in'.... I play $25K or $50K buy-ins and three times out of four, I'm dumped in the $10K game.  Have to leave, wait a few minutes, and try again..... and again..... and again.  This has been the case since I started playing the game, and you would surely think the company would have the server space to run ALL the games people want at any given time.

There are still bugs but apparently no exterminator.  You can be playing along in a tournament and suddenly a screen flashes up and says you were playing too slow and have been tossed from the game..... which is total krap.  Another (small) thing is.... the little gifts you can give a player/players during the game.... seems we folks with the 'classic' avatars can't get the fun things those who have the 'updated' game get (that would be the game they replaced the original with - the one that sucked and still does).  Why not combine the 'gifts' so you can gift the entire table.  (Just a FYI - square avatars are the oldies, round ones are the new ones.  Oldies get bubble tea and sushi... newbies get beer and wine..... boohoo)

The biggest problem in my mind is there is still ZIP, ZERO, NADA CUSTOMER SERVICE.  If you can't find the answer to your problem in the player forums, you are S.O.L.  If you play the game on an iPad, as I do, you can't delete buddies that turn out to be a-holes... and you STILL cannot play in a game if two of your buddies are already at the table.... which begs the question:  WHY HAVE BUDDIES IF YOU CAN'T PLAY POKER WITH THEM?

These things have cost Zynga at least 50% of their players.  At any given time there used to be more than 200,000 players on line..... this morning (I just checked):  69,000.  It has also cost the company and their investors buckets of money.  I reported on their stock prices last October (see 10/5/2014 update) and just checked this morning's stats:

Zynga's (ZNGA) 52 week stock high and low is $3.19/2.20 with a 1-year return on investment of -14.04%  Hard to make money with those numbers - but it happens when you ignore your customer base - the people who spend money on the game.  

And finally, for all you poker gamers out there..... try WSOP (World Series of Poker) - this is one totally awesome game.... has Hold'em and Omaha and fantastic tournaments.  I've been on that one for about 18 months and have yet to have an issue that wasn't resolved by customer service within 48 hours.  Try it - you'll LOVE it! (And like Zynga poker, it's also available on Facebook)


************************ that's it for now - good luck, and keep your cards close to your chest!

UPDATE FOR 1/10/2015

ZYNGA has finally come to their senses and brought BACK the 'old format' for Texas Hold'em.  After many complaints and a HUGE loss of participation, a friend told me the old version is back - and it is!

I play on an iPad.... to get rid of the krappy new releases/updates, delete the app from your device.  Then go to the app store and download:  Zynga Poker CLASSIC - Texas Holdem  (NOT THE HD VERSION - it MIGHT work but I didn't try it!) Open and log back in with your email and password and VOILA!!!!  BACK IN BUSINESS!


UPDATE FOR 10/5/2014

Still can't get in the buy-in of your choice; cannot chat or even comment; cannot play in a game with a buddy already at the table, cannot see the NAMES of the players at the table; sound effects suck - clapping and cheering after EVERY win (not just when YOU win); no choice of the seat you want when you join a tourney; no XP point/cash bonus once you cross Level 100; accepting and sending gifts (cash) is cumbersome, and you can't select the buddy you want to receive a gift from; Customer (NO) Service is now a chat forum.... I've yet to see a single problem addressed.... 

And attention investors - Zynga's (ZNGA) 52 week stock high and low is $5.89/$2.55

When the market closed on Friday (10/3/2014) the stock was poised at $2.62 (up from a low that day of $2.60) ROFLMAO!!!  This is what happens when you don't listen to the people using your product!  Good riddance!


UPDATE FOR 7/27/2014
I've been playing Zynga poker on my iPad for 18 months.  I started with the $.99 chip buy and I'm over $28 MIL now, so I know this game, and I've met some great, great people from all over the world.  Sadly, this will be my good-bye to them.  I will not be playing this game any more.

Zynga posted an update in the last 24 hours, and I uploaded it this morning.  Big mistake.... HUGE!  They have totally changed the look and feel of the game, and in my opinion, it's terrible.
  • New avatars.... these are GROSS, but at least you don't have to spend chips for them.... I liked my old one but it's toast
  • The game room - now we have a dealer, which is a total distraction and completely unnecessary - and she deals SLOWLY!
  • The chat component is totally revised, and when you want to type a comment, about 1/3 of the table is covered
  • If you click on a player's avatar, their entire history comes up - information that has NOT been public in the past - just ugh!
  • Zynga has ALWAYS had a problem (in my opinion) with players NOT getting to the table buy-in they want.... e.g.  if there is no $10K table available (and how can this BE POSSIBLE - can't their servers create tables that players WANT, FFS????) you WERE tossed into the next lowest buy-in (in this case, a $5K) and you had the option to sit or exit - NOW YOU ARE PARKED IN AN EMPTY CHAIR WITH NO WARNING AND WITH NO CHOICE OF WHICH SEAT YOU TAKE - AND IF YOU ARE THE 9TH PLAYER SEATED, THE GAME BEGINS INSTANTLY AND YOU ARE STUCK AT THE TABLE.  As an aside, when I join a table, I always take the 'dealer' seat if it's open.... no longer an option - JUST UGH!
  • There is background noise - I guess it's supposed to replicate genuine casino sounds.... well it sux - it's distracting and not needed
  • I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate this new update without having to go all the way out of the app and start over.... but right now I'm really not interested in knowing because I'm so very upset with all they have changed that sucks.
  • I can't find my friends.... apparently THAT part of the update ain't werkin'
  • Players' names don't show at the table - you must click on the avatar and a screen slowly opens with ALL that players information
  • I can't pick a seat I want at a table - I'm put in a seat when I enter a tourney..... 
  • and ..... drumroll please!  By FAR the worst change is.... such as it used to be, you COULD get help with their pathetic customer service.  KISS THAT GOODBYE.... now, whatever your problem, the app takes you to the game forums, which are as worthless as chicken shit on a tire.  I have had very good and VERY BAD experiences with customer service... but at least you dealt with a real person.... that's no longer the case
If I were a new player just discovering Zynga Poker, I'm not sure I'd stay.... As a long time player..... I'm outta there.  

IT CONTINUES - 4/28/2014
Ten days ago I sent Zynga Corporate an email enumerating various issues I was having with the game and with Customer (NO) Service.... didn't even get an auto-reply.

The 'coffee crowd' this morning is barely above 144,000.... down 25K since my last update.... can you say 'sinking like a bag of rocks?  Here's an update on the company overall.... damn shame they won't listen to the folks that play their games


UPDATE FOR 4/9/2014
This is a re-update from 4/6:  I still have 8 outstanding tickets!  A ticket is generated when you report a problem and you get an auto-reply that you can't respond to.  It says 'help is on the way'..... well, because I HAVE GOTTEN NO HELP, I have outstanding complaints and the idiots at Zynga say I have to resolve THEM before I can get additional help.  This is a Catch-22.... and somewhere there are villages missing their idiots - because they are all working ay Zynga Poker Customer Service!  WTF!!!!

UPDATE FOR 04/06/14
SS/DD.... Basically nothing has been changed OR improved since my last update, and it shows in the number of people you see playing this game.  As I sit here this morning, it's showing 120,736 players online... not a good sign.  It could be that their programmers are spending time making 'seasonal' game logos rather than fixing problems the players have to deal with.

Same old problem with the buddy list.  If you play on an iPad, you have to get CS to remove the stinkers - I've found it's easier to just have them wipe out the entire list so I can start over.  Rather drastic, but I still can't go into a tournament with a friend - so again, why have them?  It takes 5-6 shots to try to get to a table and at least one time, Zynga throws you totally out of the game and back to your desktop (or whatever it's called on an iPad) and you have to start totally over.  So no improvement there.

NEW ISSUE:  I've reported several obscene players to CS via the 'report abuse' tab.  Usually it's a player with a filthy mouth who's verbally attacking another player.  No action - these jerks never get removed that I can tell.  NOW, the 'report abuse' button isn't working - guess it got worn out.

NEW ISSUE:  When you notify CS of a problem you get an immediate autoresponse with an incident number.  YOU CANNOT RESPOND TO THIS - you must want to be contacted by a CS agent and you get ONE REPLY TO THAT EMAIL.  A few days ago I had a problem with the game and reported it to CS - and I got a message saying I had to RESOLVE SEVERAL OUTSTANDING INCIDENTS and they gave me a list of these incident numbers.  Well - HELLO!  What can I DO about these unresolved items.  Seems to me that would be the REASON FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!  And guess what - as long as these are outstanding - nothing I report in the future even reaches the autoresponse point.  So as a longtime player, what little customer service I used to get is now and forevermore unavailable to me.

Heads up to CS:  About once a week I get a pop-up window saying 'RATE US ON FACEBOOK'...... you might want to reconsider that - do you REALLY want me rating you?

ORIGINAL POST..... 6/18/2013

Zynga makes a Texas Hold'em app for iPhone and iPad.  The only good thing about it is the graphics, which are excellent.  Otherwise, it's a waste of time.  Fortunately, it's free so you get what you pay for.


1 - There is ZERO customer support if you are playing on an iPad - everything is geared towards Facebook - just dumb.  And from what I see on their website, FB'ers don't get a whole lot of support.

2 - If you do not have Facebook, don't bother with this game - there is NO customer support - again, you get what you 'pay' for [UPDATE:  they DO have customer support - if you report an issue, you get 3-5 'confirmations', each with a separate incident number and the messages all that 'help is on the way' and 'do not reply to this email'.  Then they want you to rate customer service WHEN YOUR ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED!!! ]

3 - Zynga Poker has multiple bugs and weaknesses:
  • You can add buddies but you CANNOT remove them from your buddy list if you are playing on an iPad, so it's easy to get stuck with assholes 
  • You WERE able to join a buddy at his table - the game would scroll their names and give you the option to 'join' - that's now gone, so having a buddy list is worthless. [UPDATE:  In tournament play, if a buddy is at the table you're trying to join, the game tells you that the table is full and throws you totally OUT of Zynga... if you keep trying you MIGHT make it onto the table but chances are, you won't.  Again - why have a buddy if you can't play poker with him/her?]
  • There is a terrible bug in the game that Zynga seems disinclined to fix.  A player can go 'all in' on a hand, but none of his chips are put in the pot.  YET THAT PLAYER IS ABLE TO WIN THE HAND!!!!  How much does THAT suck!  If another player wins the hand, of course the pot is light, since that player didn't pony up. [UPDATE:  This is still happening at the regular tables.  I've stopped playing tables - only play Sit & Go tourneys because that particular bug doesn't seem to happen in tournaments... knock wood]
  • The scrolling chat window is primitive and now has an advertisement blocking the bottom 2-3 rows of text.  I realize they have to make money somehow, but I'd rather buy the game and avoid the advertising.  There are also multiple pop-ups you have to wade through to get to a table. [UPDATE:  Rather than fix the bugs, Zynga has now updated the chat feature - everything I said is still true, but NOW what you type shows up as a blue 'bubble window' during the game - probably THE most aggravating thing I've ever seen - it's very distracting and totally not needed.]
  • Which brings me to another technical question.... this is an ONLINE GAME - not a poker room in a Vegas hotel - WHY CAN'T I GET TO THE TABLE I WANT TO!!!  For table play and tournaments, you pick a table based on the 'buy-in' cost.  If there isn't a table available, the game sends you to another table with a lower buy-in.  C'mon!  MAKE a table - how hard is that, Zynga? [UPDATE:  Now, at least in the tournaments, they tell you the buy-in they've placed you in]
  • One neat feature they HAD (past tense) was a little slide thing that rated your cards - it was really cool, and would often alert you to a hand you might not have seen - I really loved that.  Yesterday - it disappeared.  Thanks, programmers! [UPDATE:  This MAY have been changed to something you buy.... if so, I don't need it]
  • UPDATE:  New bug in the tournaments.  You win.... but get no chips! This has happened to me several times, and three times this week.  If you're able to get through to Zynga CS, they used to review and credit your account but not any more.  I've been waiting all week for the corrections..... only the 'help is on the way' email you can't reply to... blah....blah....blah
This WAS a fun game to pass the time, but yesterday's update fixed that.  I had made lots of fun friends over the few months I've been playing and now I can't get to them.  That update said 'minor bug fixes'.... they didn't fix krap!  They totally ruined what was a mediocre game.

And finally, in my opinion, the private sector needs to get the heck away from anything connected with Facebook - there are millions of us who refuse to join that site.  If I see 'connect with Facebook' on ANY site, I move along.

To the folks at Zynga..... maybe someone in your chain of command will read this and take notice.  I've tried unsuccessfully to reach your technical help, or to email you, or to ask a question in your chat forums.  I can't.  I keep getting the 'LOVE ZYNGA - RATE US AT THE APP STORE' pop-up, and believe me, I've tried... seems again, I have to sign in via facebook.  You should be glad of that, as I would give you a 2.5 on a scale of 1-10....just sayin'

And BTW - I see this morning that there are only 167,000+ players on the game - this is WAY down from the normal number of folks playing while they have coffee....


  1. This game is not that great on Facebook. I have quit playing it

    1. I checked it out on FB.... far too much shit around the perimeter of the screen - totally distracting.... didn't last there a week! Oh well..... try pokerstars.net the game is fast, crips, and no frills..... I think I've found my home!

  2. Wow great information... Thanks for such an interesting post.. love it... +5

    1. Went to your site - I see Zynga is one of your topics.... If you have any connections with that company, please tell them they need to modify their 'Sit 'n Go' tourneys.... somewhere on the table there should be a box showing what the buy-in for the tourney is. I often ask for a $2,500 tourney and Zynga puts me in a $1000.... ya never know the buy-in until after the game is over. Personally I play with much more abandon on a $1K table than one with a buy-i of $5250.... How hard would that be? And the all-in for free bug is still there.... after 3+ months of me telling them. No wonder they are close to bankruptcy....

    2. Been nearly a year since you commented.... ZYNGA took what WAS a really fun game and tweaked it until it totally sucks..... I'm going to miss the game and my 400+ friends there...... just dayum..... if it ain't broke (too terribly bad) don't fix it!

  3. They fill tables with programme players who aren't real called bots to cheat you out of your chips. The fake programme but players can not accept the fake drinks you can purchase. They often bet in odd increments too. It would be one thing to cheat like this on a totally free sight. But when some people pay for chips....come on. What a scam.

  4. I keep getting the same cards
    For example an aces and kings will come up
    Then on the next deal I get these high cards but low cards are pulled
    On the next round I get low cards and high cards are pulled
    This goes on most of the time im on the table
    I also get the same cards
    During one game I had 8 and 2 for three straight hands
    Do anyone else have this problem

    1. I get a Q5 in EVERY single game - usually when I'm one of the blinds.... I think I played way too long..... just so you know - pokerstars.net totally rocks..no fluff.... no advertising.... just a fastpaced game that's easy to track

  5. After being hacked I was told that I had broken the terms of service. Fb has confirmed my account was hacked but zynga refuse to let me play anymore. I knew who I was hacked by and gave zynga their name but they seem uninterested in investigating. If I could rate 0 stars I would. Was a great boredom buster but customer service is shocking.. Zynga Poker

    1. zynga HAS no customer service..... and maybe I became paranoid.... but I would bet REAL money that they screwed with me when I played.... nearly every time I folded a krap hand after the deal.... I would have had a flush or full house, and even 4 of a kind..... happened way too many times to be a coincidence... and this happened AFTER I sent a letter to their corporate office..... I'm actually RELIEVED now that I've decided to give up ZYNGA

  6. NOW the latest thing with their updated bullshit is THEIR server goes down but they tell you YOUR internet is down - yet everything works except ZYNGA.... and you lose your buy-in if you're in a game.... and with no customer service - tough toenails!

    Funny how I can post this comment with NO INTERNET......

    No wonder their online player count is under 100K these days.....


    Hey Zynga Poker players,

    We are currently down for a planned maintenance.

    We will get you back to the tables very soon. Check back shortly.


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  11. If you want a really awesome poker game, try WSOP.... it's lightning fast, never noticed a bug, and Customer Service is fast. (But because the games are so fast, there is barely time to say Hello, let alone chat.

    Goodbye, Zynga..... I think you've made a really bad call but it's all about the $$$$. I hope you lose your ass!