Thursday, January 2, 2014


Listening to all the talking heads discussing Obamacare and it's implementation, I have a suggestion for the Democrats that would be a win-win come November.

My thought process..... Justice Sotomayor put a hold on a requirement for a nunnery to provide birth control to employees, based on their religious beliefs (while at the same time she said Hobby-Lobby MUST provide birth control - and their religious beliefs be damned - go figure).

Obama's solution:  the insurance companies would provide FREE BIRTH CONTROL TO EVERYONE - and he DIRECTED the insurance companies to DO THAT!  (Anyone see a problem with that?  Hint:  it may SEEM free, but I can promise you, we will all be paying for Sandra Fluke's round heels.)

Moving right along.....I propose - in addition to the mandatory free birth control, the insurance companies (who, as I've said above, Obama believes are 'not-for-profit' organizations) be directed to provide free male enhancement (Erectile Dysfunction) drugs.  Seriously - if a 50-year old man has to have pre-natal and pediatric care as required by all Obamacare policies, that same male should get free 'pecker-wood' drugs as well!  I ask you - doesn't this seem FAIR???  The left is all about FAIRNESS.....

As an added bonus, it would also give older males a reason to vote Democratic!  After all - it's all about those gub'ment freebies!

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