Sunday, January 18, 2015



As many of you may be aware, earlier last week Duke University granted the Muslim student community (fewer than 800 in a total student population over 14,850) permission to have the Muslim call to prayer broadcast from Duke University Chapel.  ‘Broadcast’ as in – it could be heard from the Chapel tower campus-wide.   My immediate reaction to this news was:  WTF ARE THEY THINKING‼‼

The decision was changed after the excrement hit the oscillating device on a national scale.

Our pastor addressed this in his sermon today, stating that a letter was fired out from the Duke Divinity School via email to Methodist ministers nationwide that THE DIVINITY SCHOOL WAS NOT CONSULTED ON THIS. Apparently nor was the Director of Student Ministry (A Duke CHAPEL department head) consulted.

This made me feel MUCH better about my school until we get to the fine print……

Below is a pull quote from, regarding the young woman (The ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR RELIGIOUS LIFE FOR THE CHAPE), who apparently made the UNILATERAL decision.

Christy Lohr Sapp

The Chapel’s associate dean for religious life, Christy Lohr Sapp said before the plans were canceled that the move showed the school’s commitment to religious pluralism. .....

In a release Thursday, the university said Muslims will instead gather on the quadrangle before heading into a room in the Chapel for their weekly prayer service.

OK…. As a friend of mine tells me…. visualize a calm, blue ocean. 

Did.  Didn’t work.  My solution to this would be  …. If the Muslim students get to use A ROOM in the Chapel for their weekly prayer service….. then any Christian fellowship organization at the university gets go to the nearest mosque and use a room to take Holy Communion!  See how THAT floats!

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