Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Are we going to need this lesson again? Need to re-learn? Need to be re-taught? Because if we are, I am up to the task….for now.

The uproar over Obama skipping the Paris show of unity march has steadily grown, despite the American “media” pretty much ignoring the snub to world leaders. Now, we all know the march will have no impact, I mean hell, IT IS FRANCE for God’s sake, with their proud record of martial victory and decisive wielding of national power (both of which are bullshit…..though having trained with the Legion, I will give THAT French force their due…..but most of them are not French). Will this affect Obama? No. His lack of national pride and basic lack of human morality is well documented. He is an insolent, unskilled, petulant punk, and this well aimed shot across the bow of western civilization is by design. In the end, he doesn’t care about us or the French.

Let’s go over this again. There is no such thing as radical Islam……there IS a thing as Islam. And if we have learned ANYTHING in the past 13 plus years, it is that ALL Muslims are potential Islamists. There is no point, even a rhetorical point, in separating violent Islamism extremists from being Muslim. And if you are intellectually honest you can look back through ALL of history and identify the simple fact that wherever Islam is present, humanity and mankind suffer. Muslims have chosen to make “terrorism” synonymous with “Islam”, and you know me, if you want it bad you can have it bad.

Islam is not a religion; it is a violent will to power, a political system masked as a religion created by an animal out of whole cloth. Nobody in the Islamic world converted to Islam by choice, but at the point of the sword. In the western world the converts have been malcontents and people living on the edge of established society. There is a good reason that the main resource for western converts is our prison system; Islam is a violent, lawless invitation to the violent and the lawless.
I have read numerous articles in our press (a/k/a the liberal propaganda machine), taking the position that the Charlie Hebdo journalists should have been more sensitive, should have realized that their constant satire of Islam, Allah and Mohammed could get them into trouble. That is bullshit piled high and deep. Civilized people do not kill others because of a cartoon. My faith has been ridiculed for decades in my own country, and I checked my ledger the other day for the number of non-Christians I have killed in retaliation, and I was alarmed to find that it was NONE. This argument is without merit.

Hillary Clinton has stated that we need to do more to understand the Muslims…….and I agree, and we can start with Clinton and Obama; they need to understand the Muslims….and kill them as a result.

People ridicule me for (among other things) saying we should kill the Muslims. But the Muslims have insisted that it is a “you or me” environment, and as strange as it may seem, I am a big fan of ME before YOU. There is absolutely NO evidence that Islam can co-exist with civilization.

Which brings me to Obama. The media has already started soft pedaling the very incorrect notion that the administration should have sent somebody of higher rank than Holder to Paris. Actually Holder should be sent to jail, but the truth is that he wasn’t sent to Paris for the unity march, he was IN Paris consulting authorities on terrorism (Islam) and did not attend.  John Kerry was in Pakistan appeasing one of our most treacherous allies and couldn’t be bothered.  I guess Biden was here in the states getting new shoes since he eats about two pair a week.  And I do not have a clue where our nominal President was. Does any of this matter?  It won’t to Obama, but it should to us.  

Obama has made a cottage industry of insulting our traditional allies and favoring our enemies (Islam), starting with Britain, throwing the Baltic nations, Poland and the Ukraine under the bus, abandoning Iraq and Afghanistan, and now France.  And don’t get me wrong……France is a worthless ally, wholly un-accomplished in the last century and a half (there is an old line about the Champs de Elysee being lined with trees so the Germans can march in the shade), but they suffered a terrible atrocity at the hands of a violence that our President has supported and encouraged…….. and we ignored it. That is something you do because you are stupid or an ass hole……and Obama qualifies either way, but regardless, this was an international event and Obama snubbed his nose at the world.

I think my message to the French would be that of a learned grown up. “Hey France, I don’t like you. You are narcissistic on a national level. When did you win a war last (when DID they win a war last?). When did you last have a functioning economy? Your arrogance is of an unbelievable magnitude and except for your cheese, I think your food sucks.  But you were attacked in an unwarranted attack by animals, and I will publicly support you in your moment of pain and anguish.”

Obama’s message appears to be “fuck off”.

But the good news is…….EBT cards in this nation will be re-charged at month’s end.

Posted with permission from D.L. Hackle, a dear friend in Leavenworth, KS….. thank you Lee…. Awesome summation. If I tried to say this better, I would still be struggling....

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