Sunday, March 8, 2015

Death of a Nation...

How EXACTLY did we become a nation where we welcome our government being lawless and oppressive? And think about it; we have the IRS targeting conservative groups, a congress and President forcing us to purchase something many don’t want, a state department that kills up to 250,000 jobs through the Keystone XL pipeline, an EPA that is systematically regulating traditional energy out of existence, a first lady that dictates what the kids can eat, a Byzantine tax structure that punishes the productive in favor of the non-productive. And that is just for starters…….I didn’t even mention the NSA spying on US citizens (I guess I did now).

This administration routinely lies to the nation, through omission or commission, and also routinely works against the interest of a nation which was once the leading power in the world. We have done nothing about ISIS, we won’t call Islam terrorism, we won’t curb spending, we refuse to develop our own energy (BTW…..when I am President, on day one the EPA, Education Department, Energy Department and most of the State Department are GONE).

And yet, through it all, this administration pisses on our leg and say’s that it is merely rain. It praises itself on lower unemployment numbers while not counting most of the unemployed (and taxing the rest of us to pay for them). It turns it back on our closest allies, retreats from a two front war, allows four high profile Americans to be killed in Benghazi, absolutely refuses to hold any democrat accountable for anything while firing flag officers, and enabling our enemies. The economy sucks for those of us that work in it (which is only 51% of us…..and I don’t care what you are told about a recovery; if you have a job, keep it, there is not another one waiting for you out there).

And this is not rhetoric, this is provable if you are a living, thinking creature. All you have to do is listen, read and research. This administration is a train wreck and is train wrecking the entire nation. And the media, the Josef Goebbels of this administration not only plays along, but absolutely supports it.
So, my first question “How EXACTLY did we become a nation where we welcome our government being lawless and oppressive?” was largely rhetorical, because I am pretty sure we all know.

1. Public education is a disgrace
2. Abortion has devalued life
3. Easy divorce or no marriage has destroyed the family unit
4. Courts operating outside of the Constitution ‘creating’ law
5. A Congress of “law makers” that do not know the law (or want to know it)
6. A President that doesn’t care about the law
7. The refusal across the board to hold government officials accountable
8. The absolute stupidity of the electorate
9. And, an almost 200 year drive by the left to deconstruct, if not nullify the Constitution.

That should do it for starters.  Anyone care about reversing any of this?

Kudos to BATMAN!  (DLH)

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  1. Our Founding Fathers started a revolution for much less