Thursday, March 19, 2015


I'm not here to argue about racism.  It's here in America, it always HAS been here, and it always WILL be.  No amount of laws or regulation will eradicate it.  In fact, programs like affirmative action only increase racism. It's wrong to give one group of citizens preference over another group because of the color of their skin.  We have LAWS against that.  And as an aside, I think it is an insult to every black student for their own government to think they aren't smart enough to get into college without special 'dispensations'.

Having said that.... our children are being taught racism by public schools...

In a January article in Imprimis (a monthly publication from Hillsdale College) Jason Riley (Wall Street Journal) wrote an article entitled Race Relations and Law Enforcement that is worth your time to read.... the link is below.  If you've ever heard Mr. Riley speak, he is well educated and very eloquent.

In this article, Mr. Riley recounts visiting his sister in Buffalo, NY and chatting with her daughter, his niece, who was in the second grade.
“…..I was asking her about school, her favorite subjects, that sort of thing, when she stopped me and said, “Uncle Jason, why you talk white?” Then she turned to her little friend who was there and said, “Don’t my uncle sound white? Why he tryin’ to sound so smart?”
Riley's question to his sister should have been:  WHO IS TEACHING MY NIECE ENGLISH???

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  1. So you mean using ghetto slang and ebonics during a job interview is not a good idea?