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Personally, I don’t know more about Trump than any of you, possibly less. I know that he has had properties in bankruptcy several times, but 'Chrisley' of 'Chrisley Knows Best' recently had a whopper of a bankruptcy and his show was renewed. I know that Trump took the legal way out of being drafted for Vietnam while Clinton fled the country and pulled strings based on what he perceived as his future value to the nation to avoid Vietnam. I know that Trump is filthy rich, and beholden to nobody.

And I know that his thought processes has no filter.

I know that he has 'evolved' on issues, in a far more sensible way than Obama waking up and deciding that gay marriage should suddenly be the law of the land.

I find it verys telling that both the establishment GOP, which I have no use for, the liberals, who are useless, and the media, which is corrupt, absolutely hate Donald Trump. And the reason that they hate him is because he has tapped into America……the actual America…..not the leftist dream of America and not the media propaganda machine's 'creation' of America. I suspect that if Trump thinks that you are fucked in the head he will tell you to your face, cameras or no cameras.  Trump's opinions are always on the tip of his tongue.

Trump wants to take this nation in a direction that the media and the left do not want the nation taken….. Trump knows it and the left knows it. The proof of that is the dishonesty with which the media covers Trump's appearances, view points and comments. For instance, I don’t know a soul that is opposed to controlled, legal immigration of people that bring something to the table, and despite what the media and the left reports, that is the Trump position and the position of most Americans. Trump will tell you that illegal immigration threatens the fiber and security of the nation; the media will call those statements hate speech…. even as facts and recent events have shown and will continue to show that Trump is correct.

I mentioned that Trump’s thinking has no filter. But when he says something it resonates with the people….not the leftist selected people, but the people at large. The left and the media cannot stand that because it violates their agenda. Trump is the first conservative that I recall that will tell the media and the left to fuck off, because he is not playing by their rules and he is not dropping out of the election because of what he said.  

To wit - his comment about John McCain.  I am a military veteran of many years, and when Trump made his comments on John McCain being no hero because he was a prisoner, I barely raised an eyebrow. I though it strange, and I DO think that McCain is a hero…..I also think that he is washed up, that he has shot his bolt, and that he needs to go home to AZ and write a book. Is he a hero because he was a POW? I haven’t given that much thought. I know he was near the bottom of his class at Annapolis, and lost 3-5 planes while in service (I accounted for two myself and my guys accounted for two more…..so I consider that a wash), AND that McCain flew combat missions over Vietnam, AND that he had a chance to come home early because of the family name and demurred at least twice….and that makes him a hero to me. My guess is that if the GOP and the media had not jumped on Trump's comment like a dog on a bone and vlew it all out of proportion, Trump would feel the same way.

The idea that a comment, or a point of view would cause people to proclaim Trump as uncivil and demand that he withdraw from the race is ludicrous and the left has only itself to thank for it.  Lies, fraud and double standards have become the coin of the realm for the left. Literally the left can say, do, report, write, record anything it so desires and get a complete pass. Bernie Sanders is an avowed communist; everyone is good with that. Hillary Clinton has demonstrably not spoken the truth in recorded history, and everyone is good with it. The MSNBC network openly doesn't care about its ratings and as a result, the network has a host of talking heads that spew their uninformed opinion on all sorts of shit. (Harris-Perry, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews to name a few) A few minutes casual research on the things MSNBC reports would show we are wasting our time even thinking about their version of the 'NEWS'.

I suppose the huffingtonpost.com felt like it was insulting Donald Trump when it announced that it would cover the leader in the polls as entertainment and not news (if I did not reference HUFFPO as part of my research on occasion I would never have known this……because nobody reads HUFFPO).  I just watched a video clip of an ASU student attacking a lone conservative that had a sign promoting the 2nd Amendment. This asshole, almost incoherent, screamed that the sign was offensive and literally attacked the man with a sign. The same thing happens DAILY to anti-abortion activists, and now, non-gay and other non-freakazoids…..and it gets reported, but NOBODY calls for it to stop. Trump says something stupid and everybody hates him and wants him to go away….

……Because they are afraid of America, and they are afraid of Americans. The left would rather have a man-child, with no known education, no work history, no experience, and no knowledge of this nation and its history, who lies as a matter of course about how the nation is so great, when any research or thought whatsoever would show that he is lying, rather than have someone that connects with the American people.

Our leftist government is afraid of the American people (once called the 'silent majority') and of our nation as it was founded, and THAT is what Trump represents to the left.
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Thanks to my friend D.L. Hackle (a/k/a BATMAN) for this great analysis!

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