Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The article below is from the NY Times today, and it's DATED July 19, 2015 (today is the 15th), so the Times must be omniscient.  The title is:


and it's merely another fluff piece.  That headline in and of itself - from the LEFT-LEANING NEW YORK TIMES, is funny, because I TWEETED THIS a few weeks ago...  

Hillary to (again) OFFICIALLY announce she's running for president on 6/13... her staff says she will announce monthly until 10/2016...

There are two pictures in this 'news' piece (and I use NEWS loosely) that I found particularly hilarious.  The first one is from July 4, 2015 - Hillary walking in a parade in Gorham, N.H.  This is when her staff 'roped in the press' ..... As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Folks - there ain't many people there to see Mrs. Clinton, so I've come to the conclusion the they corralled the press..... SO THEY COULDN'T LEAVE!!!!  And notice the signs behind her, also carried by staff.  Looks like lots of people with HILLARY placards, doesn't it?  Look closer - there are three signs on each stick! 

If you eliminate those that are obviously the press... and those that are her security people....there MAY... MAY be 75 people there, and I'm being generous!

This picture (below) is Hillary buying ice cream - proving she's just one of 'us'. The caption under the photo reads:  'At the Dairy Twirl, an ice cream parlor in Lebanon, N.H'

My question is -  WHO THE HECK IS SHE PROVING THIS TO?  There is ONE person in the lower right hand corner, in the striped dress..... who could possibly be a bystander.  EVERYONE ELSE is either press or staffers CONTAINING the press.  There are surely no crowds here!

No wonder the left is in a panic over Hillary's campaign.  Even with the NYT trying to help her out with by writing this piece, they have inadvertently SHOWN that she is NOT getting the crowds..... 

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  1. but the POLLS! the POLLS dammit! ;)

    NO MORE CELEBRITIES OR WANNABEES! Or bitches on brooms.