Saturday, June 4, 2016


SELF-DEPORTATION IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS.... On January 21, 2017, do the following:
  1. Announce the end of all government assistance to illegals, effective April 21, 2017
  2. Announce that effective April 22, 2017, anyone employing an illegal will be fined $10K/day/person
  3. Assure 'anchor babies' that they can return to the United States on their 18th birthday and become legal American citizens - their choice.
  4. Announce that for the next 90 days, every illegal will be provided, at government expense, a one-way bus ticket home. 
Problem solved?  I think so.

To keep the problem from recurring..... build the wall.

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  1. Not a bad idea but why wait, make it effective on 21 Jan. End of story. No grace period, if they ain't leaving - or at least heading full speed for the border, give them sufficient boot to assist them.

    1. Obama would probably block anything until Trump is inaugurated.... in fact, Obama's bringing more IN as fast and as covertly as he can now.

  2. Add to the steps: 5. Any illegals that return after receiving a paid trip home will be arrested and will spend not less than 3 years on border wall construction (food and shelter provided, no pay), and 6. Congress shall send to me a new bill and I shall sign it that after 1 July 2017, no one not born of at least one U.S. citizen shall not receive automatic citizenship (end of anchor babies). If individuals born of non U.S. citizens, and born in the U.S., they may return after they are 18 and will receive priority paperwork to start the process of becoming a naturalized citizen after they meet all the requirements and pass a extensive background check.

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    1. You know you are welcome to repost any of my stuff! ;)

  4. Message to Mr Trump ( why I climbed your tower)