Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The Republican party is in a panic/meltdown over their fundraising and bank balance.  Now I wonder who's to blame for this?

The Republicans HAVE a 'presumed' nominee - Donald Trump has more than enough delegates to be nominated on the first ballot at the convention, which is a mere 27 days away.  Yet every day there's an article about various factions trying to undermine the vote and change the rules so they can nominate a different candidate.  That's problem #1.

Problem #2 is the lack of party support from members of Congress, including the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader, and several Republican governors who are in swing states.  Add to that, the 16 other Republican wannabes that Trump defeated.  Recall that they ALL signed a pledge to support the nominee.  Appears that wasn't worth the paper it was written on in most cases. (Some ARE supporting Trump but certainly not all 16).

Fast forward.  Hillary's campaign has raised over $296 million and is sitting on approximately $30 million (not including PAC money); Trump's has raised around $60 million and has about $2 million on hand.  Trump's PACs have negligible cash.

The party nominee is the primary fundraiser, with much of the money coming in being paid down to lower tier candidates.  Yup - they have reason to panic.

RNC Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has been very forthcoming, at least in public, about supporting Trump. It's time for Priebus to stand up and put his foot down with every single Republican candidate.  With the convention less than four weeks away, Priebus had best take control, and do it with vigor.

  • To the 16 losing candidates - get on board or you (any who are running for lower offices) will not get a dime of RNC cash.
  • To all those in Congress, starting at the top with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  Get on board or STFU.  Not a dime unless you are happy campers PUBLICALLY supporting the party candidate.  If that gives you a problem with the home town voters, impress upon them the EXTREME NEED for a Republican in the White House BECAUSE OF THE SUPREME COURT!  WE CANNOT HAVE A LEFTIST MAKING THREE APPOINTMENTS TO THE SCOTUS OR WE CAN KISS THE CONSTITUTION GOODBYE.  If that's all you cowards run on, it's worth it because that can effect this country for two generations!
  • As an aside to all you folks in Congress - Imagine a Democrat majority next January!  There goes all your cushy committee chairmanships - no fun at all.  Seems it's time to put up or shut up.
  • To the troublemakers like Mitt Romney... go home and STFU.  You had your chance - some of you are even 2-time losers.  
  • And finally - take a look at the number of votes Trump got.... he's unconventional, but his support is varied and vast AND LOYAL.  Trump WILL have coattails... you should plan to be on them!
You have all been faking being Conservatives for years!!!  Time to fake your support for the candidate the VOTERS have chosen!

As a donor and a Trump supporter, I ask you - why in the world would I give money to the RNC when MEMBERS OF MY OWN PARTY ARE ATTACKING THE SOON-TO-BE OFFICIAL CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT!  Hell, why would TRUMP campaign with these people?  I continually block any calls from RNC.  As of right now, when I feel like sending money, it will be directly to Donald Trump or the North Carolina Republican Party.


  1. My donations will be straight to Trump or the Indiana Republican Party.

    1. Same here! I've been very happy with almost everything the Republicans have done since taking over the legislature, and I'm VERY pleased Gov. McCrory is standing tall on this public bathroom nightmare! I support the NCGOP with a smile.