Thursday, December 27, 2018


I'm a conspiracy theorist.

This 'condition' started when it came to light that President Trump was dumping tons of $$$ into re-habing GTMO.  Odd thing to do since Obama tried his dead level best to close it down and give it back to Cuba.  But it IS happening.  Why do we need GTMO?

Theories have been flying on Twitter since Trump's inauguration.  These days thousands believe in 'Q' and the theories/info posted by this person/these people.  Here's one Q-link

And there are thousands who say 'Q' is a joke, a lie, something people dreamed up, like a political soap opera.

I enjoy reading this stuff, and while I'm not sure if Q is forecasting coming events, or creating the biggest fairy tale in history, there ARE lots of consequences in the postings that are hard to explain.

(If you read my previous post here entitled 'Maverick John McCain' you will see one of MY loony theories.)

The guy in this YouTube video is summing up the last couple of years of theories.  If you can get past the alarmist language, he throws out some stuff that's rather interesting, and is along the Q line from the last year.

If you're interested in checking Q-posts, here are some links.

The link below is where the QAnons post their theories.

This link is to a guy who 'translates' things Q posts.... he makes this stuff understandable....

For those on Twitter:

And last but not least, this guy cuts to the chase and says things are about to happen.  Funny thing is - I've been reading that 'things are about to happen' for a year and a half!  LOL

I offer these links as fun reading during a long, cold winter!


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