Sunday, June 12, 2011


48 hours into the release of Sarah Palin’s emails, there seems to be no there there….. or surely any and all scandalous insider information would have been screaming from every MSM TV shows, magazines, blogs and print headlines.  Seems like one of two scenarios is coming clear about our girl Sarah…. Either (OMG) she was an honest, caring governor – albeit a rookie… or she was ‘undumb’ enough to remove anything incriminating before she left office.  Either way, I think it’s hysterical that the MSM is in a feeding frenzy looking for dirt, spending buckets of money for the hunt, and coming up empty – for the retired governor of a small (population) state who’s currently ‘leaving the driving to Greyhound’ as she tours some of the contiguous 48s’  more historic sites.  Go, Sarah – and send postcards!

Here is the ‘above the fold’ on the Washington Post’s website…. Seems innocuous enough to me.  Picture the word ‘damnit’ after each headline!

E-mails reveal an eager rookie learning the limits of her power and give hints at the kind of executive she may be if she mounts a successful 2012 campaign.

Palin had third e-mail account
In e-mails, a guarded go-getter
Palin e-mails: No mention to staff of going into labor with Trig
Palin e-mail release inspires media frenzy
Palin directed state funds to failing creamery
Racial concerns raised in Palin e-mails
Sarah Palin e-mails show constant concern
Sarah Palin faced Trig rumors from start
Early interest in vice presidential slot
Emails show Palin’s governing style

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  1. CNN finding that Palin was hard-working governor

    I would love to have her as our POTUS.

    But she would get the Regan treatment if elected, she desires to remake Govt! Which is needed. Too bad she can't call Regan and learn more about it.