Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Below is the picture that was purported to have been tweeted to some 21-year-old girl.  Weiner (OMG I would change my name) says his Twitter account was hacked and denies that the picture is of him or was sent by him.  He declared that he wasn't going to discuss this any more because he had more important things to do.

Now.... y'all know I'm NOT a computer whiz, and I don't 'tweet'... but it's my understanding that if your computer, etc. is 'hacked'.... someone takes it over - right?  And are you not then unable to get back 'in' to your account?  Is that right?  If it is, tell me how Weiner was able to 'take down' this counterfeit photo within three minutes of it's being posted.  I find that velly interESTing.  And since hacking is a federal offense, why is this NOT being investigated as a security breach.  AND hacking into the computer of a government employee kicks the crime up a notch.

ON THE OTHER HAND..... if he has falsely said he was hacked and was NOT, they HE is in deep doodoo.  Seems he lawyered up on Friday after this occurred.

It will be interesting to see if the press and the FBI pursues this... I find it interesting that a Republican would have already been forced to resign his seat.  The rumor is that Weiner is next in line to be the mayor of NYC....  

Weiner's weiner...............


  1. Just another dick out of it's suit eh?

  2. Oh and hacking into a twitter or e-mail account is as simple as cracking the password.

    Those services then think it's you.

    They could alter passwords and such denying your re-entry into the account, or they could have just sent something out as if they were you and go away smiling.

    The three minute window is interesting. That is a likely time frame of one who just realized they blew it!

    But as you say, the fallout is going to be interesting to watch.

  3. Won't be any fallout - he's a Democrat!

  4. his nose is bigger than his wienie, his Adam's apple s bigger than his balls, what a dick head, and he calls other people schmucks?
    His picture is in the dictionary under schmuck and putz.This guy is a disgrace to the Congress BUT no award for him he is a petty sleaze Maybe Elliot Spitzer can get him a job as co-anchor if he quits. Seems like all the Jewish politicians from NY are sleaze bags (I am a Jew myself and very embarrassed)