Thursday, June 16, 2011


Barack Obama snubs British scientists by refusing to receive Royal Society medal

Barack Obama has snubbed Britain’s most eminent scientists by refusing to attend a Royal Society banquet in his honour at which he was to be awarded with a prestigious medal.

Sources close to the state visit said members of the Royal Society were “deeply offended” by the snub and had accused Mr Obama of being obsessed with his “street cred”.
The US President was offered the chance to receive the King Charles II medal, which is awarded in “exceptional circumstances” to heads of state who have “made an outstanding contribution to furthering scientific research in their country”.
The last person to receive the medal was Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, in 2010.
The honour was to be conferred on the US President at a dinner where he would be introduced to “some of Britain’s brightest and best young scientists” as well as some of the society’s most prestigious fellows.


  1. Barry is a great scientist, he invented a strain of Kool Aid that renders Americans numb dumb and impotent to act against him and his minions

  2. Waiting for 2012