Thursday, November 3, 2011


There is a run-off election next week for the last AND DECIDING seat on the Wake County School Board.  The prior election had resulted in three conservatives being swept off the school board and replaced with (out-of-state union backed) liberals who pledged to return the county to bussing-for-diversity. (Those who lost had run on and implemented a ‘community school’ agenda to minimize bussing.)  One seat has a run-off next Tuesday and the Republican has raised twice as much money as the Democrat.  That sounds positive…. And the election may be so small that the unions won’t throw vast sums of money into it.  (N.C. is NOT a union state).

The second bit of promising news is that Pat McCrory, former Republican mayor of Charlotte, will again run against dingbat Bev Perdue in the 2012 gubernatorial election.  A fundraiser this past weekend, - which raised more than $55,000 - took place at the home of George Jones, a former mayor of Jacksonville and a one-time Perdue supporter. 
"It's absolutely nothing personal," said Jones, a registered Democrat who helped get Hunt elected. Jones estimated that one-third of the 40 people at the fundraiser were Democrats. "Bev has swung hard to the left," he continued. "I can't support her policies and the direction she's pursuing for this state."  Stay tuned‼‼

THE REALLY BIG NEWS IS:  The U.S. Justice Department approved North Carolina's new voting maps Tuesday night, taking away a major roadblock to next year's elections but leaving open the door to new lawsuits.
The Republicans WON BOTH HOUSES OF THE LEGISLATURE in 2010 – first time since 1898 (yep – 1898 – that’s NOT a typo). Immediately after that election, good old Bev suggested a bi-partisan committee to draw up the districts (N.C. picked up an additional district after the 2010 census). Yeah, Bev, like you Democrats did the last 110 years?  ROFL! – nice try!  Not gonna happen! 

In what one analyst called a "bonanza" for Republicans nationally, North Carolina's GOP lawmakers proposed new voting districts Friday that would make it significantly harder for four Democratic congressmen to keep their seats.

The proposed map would threaten Democratic Reps. Larry Kissell in the 8th District, Heath Shuler in the 11th and Brad Miller in the 13th. Democrat Mike McIntyre's 7th District also would grow more Republican.

Democrats now hold a 7-6 edge in the state's delegation. The new map could put up to four more seats in Republican hands.


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