Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Obama started campaigning shortly after the 2010 elections, and he’s made it clear that he’s running against CONGRESS.  He’s been clever by putting forth ideas that HE KNOWS the Republicans won’t go for.  Then he sends out dupes like Dick Durbin who whine and say that the Republicans want to give tax breaks to the rich while NOT extending the payroll tax for ‘working families’. 

First of all – do those on the left think the RICH don’t work?  The other thing Obama did was give workers the payroll tax holiday.  That’s a double edged sword – it does reward people who actually have a job because it reduces the dollars withheld from their paychecks.  But since the payroll tax funds Social Security, it’s simply going to make THAT entitlement go bankrupt sooner.  And there isn’t much evidence that the economy is being stimulated by the payroll tax holiday.  I think the Republicans will vote to extend it – it would be political suicide to do otherwise.

As for Obama’s opponents next fall…

BECAUSE Obama’s in campaign mode, and BECAUSE his BFF David Axelrod has been ‘working’ on Obama’s re-election campaign for some time…. there has been a flood of money into the economy.  Think back…. Early on, they were sure that Sarah Palin would jump in, so Axelrod sent scores of Palin-tologists to Alaska to dig thru her emails.  Now that’s not cheap, considering flights, accommodations, and payoffs.  I’m still waiting to see what they’ve uncovered. 

You can’t really say Axelrod took out Perry – he sorta did that all by himself.  I like Perry but America isn’t ready for another Texas governor as president – especially another one who has trouble articulating his positions.  So they went after Cain. 

The left’s biggest problem with Cain is that he’s black.  It’s really hard to nail your opponent as a racist when he’s blacker than you are.  There are all sorts of names you CAN call him but they aren’t suitable for print.  So they started digging into Cain’s background.  Notice that, while Cain has never lived in Chicago, most of these women who have come forward live there?  Wonder how much Axelrod has spent on THAT search.  The general thought is that Cain will be out soon.  Last night Bachmann’s campaign tweeted that there were trucks at Cain’s Iowa HQ…
Urbandale, Iowa (CNN) -- Michele Bachmann's Iowa campaign manager is "really sorry" for a tweet sent out Tuesday evening by a Bachmann aide claiming there were moving trucks outside Herman Cain's Iowa headquarters.
Bachmann Iowa campaign chairman and state Sen. Kent Sorenson tweeted that info on Twitter, and included a picture.
Turns out, the Cain presidential campaign staff was receiving a shipment of boxes that included about 3,000 yard signs.  Bachmann shot herself in the foot again.  Still, Cain himself has said he’s re-evaluating his run because of the stresses it’s caused on his family.  Apparently Axelrod is getting a return on his investment.

And now, poor David is going to have to start digging into Newt.  I’m sure they wrote him off months ago, as did many of us, but now he’s giving Mitt some serious competition.  Newt has a long and colorful career, both in government and in the private sector but hopefully all his dirty laundry is already out there.  If Newt were a Democrat, the left and the MSM would say ”That’s his personal life and should not be part of a campaign”  But I’m sure the digging has begun and Newt’s women will start coming out of the woodwork.

The Obama team has been gearing up for a run against Romney for a year – they have hung everything on him being the candidate.  Does anyone find it curious that NOTHING negative has come out on Romney?  Whatever they have on Mitt won’t come out until he’s the nominee.  For sure they will nail him on healthcare and that will NOT be a campaign issue.  But never doubt – Axelrod has more and they are saving it.

So… we can THANK Axelrod for all the spending – detectives and reporters aren’t cheap.  One positive sign for the right is that Obama’s fundraising is a bit lower than projected – it would be nice if he had a primary challenge, but that’s a pipe dream.

The campaigner-in-chief DOES have a new money train, though.  His team has put together a website where you can do all your Christmas shopping!  You can buy Obama golf balls, spatulas, martini glasses – even soy candles and yoga pants.  President Obama has just what you need — a “Fired up and Ready to Grill” apron, a six-pack presidential cooler, and a nifty Commander-in-Chief cutting board to chop up your White House veggies.  Be still, my heart!  I guess this is Obama’s venture into private enterprise, so he can add that to his resume.


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