Monday, November 7, 2011


HRH Obama will leave the G-20 today amid reports that he’s saved Europe from financial collapse (in his DREAMS), headed for an Asia-Pacific Economic Council to be held in Honolulu Nov. 12-13, and on to an 18-nation East Asia Summit in Bali on November 19.  These ‘summits’ will be squeezed in between visits to Australia and Indonesia.  (It’s good to be king).  Obama will be out of town when the congressional super committee’s report is due – that’s the one that’s going to save the AMERICAN economy.

Michelle will be joining him.  This is a return visit for the Obama’s, who visited the Istiqlal Mosque in Central Jakarta LAST November.  [Michelle, whose lavish wasteful use of government resources had escaped MSM attention, is starting to come under scrutiny.  Among other things for the $10 million in travel expenses attributable to her last year alone.]  The White House has yet to release Michelle’s exact schedule or the cost of her and her entourage flying separately to the other side of the world.

As soon as the king and queen return to DC, it will be time for the family Christmas vacation…. Oh dear, the trials and tribulations of such a full calendar.


  1. How can I get this job?

  2. SAVED EUROPE? LOL! Thats a good one. Greece is thrilled their guy quite (have in-laws on the Islands) I am sure Michelle’s trip this time around will only cost about 1/2 as much as her total from last year.

  3. Did you hear Obozo's Rose Garden speech?
    Summed up:
    We need to pass the Jobs Bill because it will pay for Veteran's jobs--but the mean old Republicans won't pass it

  4. I wonder want they will use to keep the snow off the golf cou....Oh. Silly me! He'll jut have to make a run to Hawaii every weekend.