Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I’ve come scratching and screaming to the realization that Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate for president in 2012.  My guy Newt suffers from a slow death by a thousand cuts – most of his own making.  I still think he will always be the smartest man in the room, but sadly, so does he and this is causing him tons of problems.  His mouth also engages before his brain. 

Rick... just suffers.  I think he’s a social conservative, and that’s a good thing.  But it’s not what we need now.  Like Newt, he’s prone to stepping on his ding-dong without assistance.  But mostly, he’s just boring, like watching grass grow.  I doubt he can face down Obama in a debate the way I dreamed of Newt doing.

That leaves two possibilities – a brokered convention, which I don’t see happening – or Mitt Romney, Mr. 30% - the Mitt Romney that couldn’t even beat John McCain (FFS) in the 2008 primary.  I will have to put a stick in my eye to stop seeing that, and seeing him running against Ted Kennedy for the Senate and AGREEING WITH EVERYTHING KENNEDY SAID FOR THE FIRST 45 MINUTES OF THE DEBATE!  I have to keep telling myself – that’s what he had to do in Massachusetts, that’s what he had to do in Massachusetts, that’s what he had to do in Massachusetts…..

Romney will be starting even with Obama.  Both are liberals. Both are socialists.  Both are big government spenders.  It will be hard for Romney to draw a difference between himself and Obama.  (Saying I’M LESS LIBERAL, LESS A SOCIALIST, LESS A GOVERNMENT SPENDER THAN HE IS is not gonna cut it.) As Newt once said, Romney would be a government insider if he hadn’t lost to Kennedy, when even the Massachusetts voters opted for Teddy – and that does NOT play well in Tuscaloosa.

It’s time for Newt and Rick to get out.  I don’t see either of them jumping on the Romney bandwagon, at least not any time soon.  Newt is still pissed about how Romney’s PAC (and therefore, Romney) crucified him in Iowa.  Nope, Newt won’t be Romney’s VEEP.  Nor will Santorum or RON Paul.  My money for THAT job is RAND Paul, but that's a discussion for another day. 

Anyway – it’s time to cut our losses and let the dust settle and the wounds scab over before really ramping up against Obama this summer.  I really pray Mitt can make chicken salad out of chicken shit between now and November.  And I really pray this divisive campaign won’t keep the Republican base, the tea partiers, and the evangelicals home.  If that happens, we get four more, and I honestly don’t think we can take four more years of Obama unplugged.

On a positive note, Ann Romney is a real asset. She has a good story and tells it well.

And Obama has a record the Republicans can run against.  If they will.  If they aren’t afraid of being dubbed ‘racists’ (because we all know THAT is gonna happen).

Finally, maybe this catharsis will help me personally.  My neck is still killing me and I know it’s these damn politicians that are a big contributing factor.  I’m looking for a quiet island with no TV or internet.

My first ever concession speech – whatdaya think?


  1. http://sgtreport.com/2012/03/breaking-news-illinois-gop-primary-results-posted-24-hours-early/

  2. WOW! Think of all the money the state could have saved by just using those results and calling off the election! The Chicago Way?