Thursday, June 7, 2012


On June 2, The Department of Justice DEMANDED that Florida stop purging illegal/deceased citizens from the state’s voter rolls.  Part of the DOJ complaint is that Floridians who are wrongly purged must show ID to be reinstated on the books to vote.

In a related story….

Tomorrow, June 8th, anyone wishing to attend the Michelle Obama book signing  must first purchase a copy of the First Lady’s book ‘American Grown’ at the Barnes & Noble store on 12th and E Streets and leave the book at the store.  At that time, the purchaser will get a receipt and a wristband. 

When these customer return on the 12th – the day of the actual signing, they will have to be screened by the Secret Service, and will have to show an official photo ID (driver’s license, passport) to an agent before being admitted.  They will also have to check any bags, cameras and cell phones for the 45 minute event.

HURRY!  Only 200 lucky people will make the cut!


  1. I wouldn't take a copy of the book if someone gave it to me; and no one on the left will acknowledge the blatant hypocrisy of requiring photo ID to attend this 'event' but not to vote.

  2. It's worse than that! I posted this same piece on another site I blog on and got THIS reply:

    ok, i read it. so the secret service is requiring id to see the first lady. sounds like a security thing, and i bet it was the secret service that insisted on it. you guys are reaching.

    and i still maintain that the photo id requirement has one goal, and that is to suppress voter turnout. i find that amazingly un-american. i say get everyone to vote and accept the results from that, not try to prevent your opponents from voting.

    there is very little proof that enough voter fraud is going on to sway an election. i would think you'd want more people voting, not less, but whatever wins, i guess. i'm so proud.


    Like the Democrats did to the MILITARY OVERSEAS in 2000? mmm???

    If you are a LEGAL citizen, you are obligated to vote IMHO - people died so you would have that right. And if you are a citizen, you have ID and shouldn't be 'intimidated' by showing it. If you are ILLEGAL - you have no right - NONE, Zero, NONE - to vote in ANY election, be it presidential or for dog catcher. I want more CITIZENS voting! I'm sick of illegals and dead people voting! And while I'm on this rant - we need an election DAY - not an election month - you should either vote on election DAY or by absentee ballot (unless, of course, you're military and from a Democrat district. )

    Democrats cannot win on their ideology because the country would reject that out of hand - so they lie about what they think, and they cheat en mass to win - Show me ANYTHING comparable to ACORN on my side of the aisle.

    You could not be more wrong on this ... get your head out of the ground, my friend