Thursday, June 7, 2012


Tom Barrett, mayor Milwaukee, ran on fiscal responsibility and his record of saving his city millions of dollars.  Here's the REST of the story....

Barrett is a hypocrite of the highest degree. And now his hypocrisy has made him the poster boy for the far-right PAC Club for Growth. This is the man who spent the first six months of 2011 decrying the governor and legislature for cuts in shared revenue and the collective bargaining changes which allowed governmental bodies to find savings through health insurance and pension contributions.

Barrett ranted and railed how it was unfair to the city, that it was unfair that public safety officers were excluded from the changes, that it would lead to horrific cuts in services.

Then, with very little fanfare he presented the city council with a 2012 budget that made full use of the contributions expected from public employees toward their health care and pensions. He changed work rules to make the budget work. He used the tools the governor gave him - and THEY WORKED!

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