Saturday, June 9, 2012


“The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive,”… Barack Hussein Obama

This is truly a gathering storm.  

The egomaniacal pussy wimp shitass in the White House, in an effort to be portrayed as STRONG ON NATIONAL DEFENSE, has apparently been part and parcel of a host of leaks aimed at portraying him as a bad ass toughie on terror.  In speaking of the leaks yesterday, he said assertions that the leaks came from his people was ‘offensive. ‘ Note that he did NOT deny the White House was the source of the leaks.

It is also a joke that HOLDER has appointed a pair of DOJ people to investigate the leaks.  Yeah – that oughtta work out great for everyone.  This is the very reason Holder still has a job – to cover Obama’s ass!


We have essentially ADMITTED that we were behind the computer worms (Stuxnet and Flame) that were used to delay/disrupt Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  Is there anyone out that that thinks Iran will not respond in kind to the United States? 

In David Sanger’s new book about Obama, entitled Confront and Conceal, the author writes:  In one of the most impressive steps in the cyber campaign, the inserted software recorded the operation of the centrifuges. Then, as the computer worm took control of the machines and began destroying them, the software played back the signals of the normal operation of the centrifuges. “The plant operators were clueless,”  [1]

Are you frigging KIDDING ME‼!  Who told him this?  Hadda be someone high up.

The US State Department says it is ‘still awaiting a clarification’ [the State Department does that a lot] from Pakistan on Shakeel Afridi, the doctor held by Islamabad for helping the CIA track down and take out Osama bin Laden.  Afridi was outed after bin Laden was killed.  Wonder who did THAT…… We should have snatched him and his family and secreted them to safety.  Please raise your hand if you think any OTHER foreigners will be eager to help our CIA after being hung out to dry by Obama and Hillary.

Leaks to two New York Times national security reporters about operational details of the bin Laden raid actually came from the White House, one of the reporters explained at the opening of the Counter Terror Expo in Washington, as the national security reporters also explained how sensitive they were to government and military requests to sit on stories that could harm ongoing operations. [2]  [Ed. Note:  Notice that they did NOT sit on the stories.]

Sen. John McCain set off a frenzy on Tuesday when he accused the White House of selectively leaking high-level, classified information about President Obama's so-called "kill list,"  [3]

This last leak contained a supposed conversation that took place in the Oval Office.  Now – how could this possibly have escaped those round walls?  Could it be SAAAAAAAAAA-TANNNNNNNN?  More likely, it came from someone IN THE FRIGGING ROOM!

"This stuff is pouring out," said Rep. Peter King (R, NY). "There's always some leaks either accidentally or intentionally and usually one item or two items. But this is coming -- I mean, these are verbatim quotes from the Oval Office!  Both stories contained direct quotes from either Obama or Vice President Joe Biden. The "kill list" story was compiled from interviews with three dozen current or former government officials. [3]

I used to think Joe Biden was a threat to our security, but he's just a jabbering idiot in search of a village.

I guarantee you – I could do a better, more thorough and faster investigation of this than Holder and the two lackeys he’s appointed.  Don’t sit around waiting for conclusions of this investigation.

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  1. If things worked like they are supposed to - 'barry' would never have gotten any security clearance. There is just way too much disqualifying info in his background. In other words he is not eligible for one - at least not using the criteria that every member of the uniformed services has to abide by.
    As to 'holder' conducting any sort of investigation - that is just laughable - look at what he is still doing regarding Fast & Furious.