Friday, December 21, 2012


I'm a Lee Child fan - have been since the first of his books I read.  I love his recurring character - Jack Reacher.  A new movie entitled 'Jack Reacher' is set for release today.  Tom Cruise is playing the title character.

This is possibly the worse casting decision EVER to come out of Hollywood.

Reacher is a 6'-5" tall solid hunk of muscle, a former hard core MP.  Tom Cruise is an over-the-hill character actor, 5'-7" tall - I can't wait to see him head-butt an a bad guy!  The entire rest of the cast must be midgets - or they had to shoot this movie from a gopher hole or a high rise platform to make Cruise look like a serious hunk.  Lee Child has written series of Reacher books (he's been my favorite author for a long time), and I'm sure Cruise is hoping this movie will turn him into the next James Bond (without the cars and accessories, as Reacher only travels with a toothbrush).  On the other hand......

My Jack Reacher............ John Cena... ALL    DAY    LONG! (6'-1" with a bod)

vs. Tom Cruise - 5'-7" with wrinkles!


  1. I've heard that that character is def NOT a Tom Cruise character.

  2. sorry to be so late on this topic. but i haven't gone through my google reader in ages! ;-)

    i hear ya. i can totally see where you're coming from with your disappointment on the selection of tom cruise to play reacher. hubs and i LOVE the jack reacher series too! and i can see how you would prefer john cena for his physique as reacher.

    but noooo, just NO to that, my friend. first of all, lee childs tied all hands with his jack reacher invention. it's a COMPLETE FANTASY. no offense, but the reality is big guys like reacher are usually never that intelligent in real life. they usually get through life relying only on their physique. a movie with john cena playing jack reacher would have been a flop cuz the guy can't act, he can only LOOK GOOD.

    basically, jack reacher should have been left in the novel. but people are greedy and in their greed they attempt the impossible. i will watch the movie because i enjoy the reacher series (thanks to your recommendation of childs to me a while back). i believe it will be good because cruise is a good actor.

    thanks for letting me run on too long here. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FIREBIRD!! :)

  3. You're right, of course - Cruise is a better actor than Cena.... but Lordy, Cena looks FINE! When I read Child's books, this is my vision of Reacher. I'm glad you like the books - they are an easy read.... Happy New Year right backatcha, Namaste!