Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas has come and gone, and I hope everyone has a wonderful and joyous one.  Our house was blessed with family and friends, lots of laughter and love – can’t get much better. 

I’ve been thinking about the coming year and trying to be optimistic, but it’s taking all my energy to even come close.  I’ve finally resigned myself to another four years of Obama’s destruction.  I think if I hear the words ‘fiscal cliff’ one more time my head will explode.  I think that’s where we are headed, and no matter what happens, Obama will blame the Republicans. 

I have a two-fold plan I would offer Boehner and the house.  Whatever Obama wants, we should bring it to a vote in the House – and ALL REPUBLICANS should  ‘ABSTAIN’.  Let the Democrats pass the bill alone so the consequences will occur without a single Republican vote.  The Dems would OWN IT finally.  It’s not much but it won’t enrage the base like caving to Obama would, and it COULD help us hold the House in 2014.  Lordy – if the Dems take back the House in two years, we will see Democrats Gone Wild!

The other part of my plan would be…. since Obama has said publically if he doesn’t get what he wants from the House, he will use his inaugural speech AND his state of the Union speech to blame the Republicans… BRING IT!  And the minute he starts in with the blame game they should en masse GET UP AND WALK OUT!  That would be the headline the next day – NOT the context of the speech – and the BSM (bull shit media) would be forced to cover the walkout.  It wouldn’t do much but make a statement, but it would bring the base to their feet cheering.  (At least THIS member of the base would have something to cheer about!)

That will get me through January 20th.

My long term advice to the Republicans:  It’s time to take the Democrat ‘machine’ seriously and to take a few pages from their playbook.  First – they will do anything to win…. But mainly they identify their most dangerous opponents and take ‘em out!  Look what they did to George Allen in Virginia, over a stupid ass word (macaca).  They have already started on Marco Rubio, because they see him as the biggest threat in 2016.  It’s time to start destroying the DEMOCRATS!  There is plenty of horsekrap to hang around Hillary’s neck – START NOW!  Same for Michelle Obama, because I seriously think SHE may run in ’16.  Yeah – makes you wanna puke – right?  We need to identify the up and coming Dems and take them OUT!  Romney held back and by the time he seriously got in the game, Obama’s team had identified him as a murdering (killed the lady with cancer) rich white guy who hated dogs and didn’t care about the middle class (because of HIS stupid comment in a private setting about the ‘47% being lost to him already).  The Dems say stupid shit all the time – WE HAVE TO PASS THE BILL TO SEE WHAT’S IN IT comes immediately to mind – I had no idea how completely true THAT one was.

Just a few rambling thoughts for the coming year.  We should pray DAILY for the health of the SCOTUS judges, especially Scalia. The high court is a disaster waiting to happen if Obama gets four MORE appointments.  We should also pray that the Republicans in the House and Senate grow a set…. women, too.  It would also be nice if they would remember why they are there!

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  1. Yes! The SCOTUS is definitely something that people tend to forget about.