Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I happened to be in the car this morning listening to Glenn Beck when a man called in to talk about the hypocrisy of Obama taking a $4 MILLION dollar vacation - three weeks in Hawaii this Christmas.  The man said he and his wife both worked but they were classified as poor.  They had 2 kids living at home and got NO government assistance.  Said he didn't WANT any.

Their oldest child was married and living in Atlanta and had had this man's FIRST GRANDCHILD on Thanksgiving Day.  He said he and his wife had to make a very hard decision when the child was born:  Spend $400 to drive to Atlanta to see this baby.... or forgo the trip because they needed the $400 to pay their bills.  He wasn't complaining that he couldn't go see the new grandbaby.  He was angry that he was paying taxes for the king and queen to travel literally like royalty.  I had to pull into a parking lot because I was crying so hard I couldn't see to drive.

This is America.... MY America.  If I had been able to get the man's address I would have sent him the money.  Happily, Beck is sending him the $400.  I weep at the pride in that new grandfather's voice - pride that he was not on the dole.  What has happened to our national pride? 


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  1. That's so wonderful. THAT is the kind of thing that makes our country great.