Sunday, March 24, 2013


Apparently the sequester is old news.  I fully expect to see the White House open for tours in the morning.  We can't, because of the sequester, you say?  Obama said so (raise your hand if you believe that).  Obama also said HE had nothing to do with the decision to close the White House (the PEOPLE'S WHITE HOUSE) - raise your hand if you believe that one, too.

Obama wants maximum pain for the sequester buck.... even the BSMedia is starting to see the light dawn on this one, and then......  DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....

WE FIND $500 MILLION TO GIVE TO THE PALESTINIANS!  Like pulling a rabbit out of the hat....

The United States has quietly unblocked almost $500 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority which had been frozen by Congress for months, a top US official said Friday.

The news that the funds had finally been freed up came after US President Barack Obama met top Israeli and Palestinian leaders in a landmark visit to Israel and the West Bank earlier this week.

Read for yourself!  I'm still in disbelief that we 'quietly' did this.  Notice Israel didn't get a nickel.,7340,L-4360135,00.html


  1. This shameful.
    The Palestinian Authority sound never get a nickel

  2. I could not agree more! Not Israel, who has been our ONLY true ally in the Middle East, but the Palestinians! It's an outrage, but no surprise from this frigging Muslim in the PEOPLE'S HOUSE!